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Our pets!

A place to introduce your best buds to the world
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What happened to PropheticWookie??
Mr_Wick Dec, 2022
What, No more updates on the pups? What did he do to get...
BFG, 2 months 1 week ago 4
My boys
Jayzgainz Dec, 2022
Hi all thanks for letting me join. These are my boys. Larr...
Jayzgainz, 3 months 2 weeks ago 11
Thank You
Jaws Dec, 2022
Thanks for letting me join this group. Here is my dog rooste...
PropheticWookie, 3 months 2 weeks ago 9
Hi guys
PropheticWookie Dec, 2022
My dear members of this group about their favorite pets. Fir...
bundlz, 3 months 2 weeks ago 7
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  • Holiday Ollie
    PropheticWookie Nov, 2022
    Hello guys. As promised I'm posting pictures. Where is Oli i...
    PropheticWookie, 3 months 3 weeks ago 20
    Great bird dog
    Makwa Nov, 2022
    A little update on Kota. She is now 5 months old and is alr...
    Prophetic, 3 months 4 weeks ago 13
    Weekend in our cabin in the woods
    Gym and Bikes_bro Nov, 2022
    That's how my little love waits "under" the stairs, when she...
    PropheticWookie, 4 months 4 days ago 15
    Walks in the woods
    PropheticWookie Nov, 2022
    Often we walk in the forest, we like it very much, the fores...
    PropheticWookie, 4 months 2 weeks ago 10
    I haven't posted my bun for a long time.
    PropheticWookie Oct, 2022
    The older she gets, the less she wants to walk long distance...
    PropheticWookie, 4 months 19 hours ago 6
    Our girl
    PropheticWookie Sep, 2022
    Our girl is starting to grow up and enjoy us. She has become...
    Jaws, 3 months 3 weeks ago 27
    Our bun is getting bigger and bigger :)
    PropheticWookie Sep, 2022
    Haven't posted my girl in a while. The bun is growing and co...
    PropheticWookie, 6 months 1 week ago 8
    Thank you
    Fuzzy14u2 Sep, 2022
    Thank you for letting me join this group!
    Zav-nak, 6 months 2 weeks ago 6
    Penny the Schn-orkie
    dantheman1 Aug, 2022
    Adoption Story: March 9, 2013, first year out of college,...
    PropheticWookie, 7 months 2 days ago 12
    DJGK Aug, 2022
    Hello. Thanks for accepting me into this group. This is...
    PropheticWookie, 7 months 1 day ago 20
    My best friend
    Tejay18 Aug, 2022
    This is my pitty he is now 2 year old. He is my best friend....
    PropheticWookie, 7 months 2 days ago 10
    Wife begged and begged for a pup.. So we got one!
    Jrihard89 Jul, 2022
    After 4 years of the wife begging for a pup.. Back in March,...
    ctgtommy99, 8 months 17 hours ago 4
    My Best Friend!!!
    Gottabebig Jul, 2022
    This is my best friend and by far the cutest dog in the worl...
    PropheticWookie, 7 months 4 days ago 17
    My dogs plus the one the devil woman kept
    Squatch710 Jul, 2022
    The pits are named chaos and bebop the tuxedo is chaos the D...
    dantheman1, 7 months 4 days ago 16
    We love our ducks!
    Natureday Jul, 2022
    We love our ducks so much. They are our babies. [email protected]
    PropheticWookie, 8 months 1 week ago 4
    New hunting buddy
    Makwa Jul, 2022
    Wife surprised me with this yesterday. My new baby girl and...
    PropheticWookie, 7 months 3 weeks ago 21
    Our bun is growing
    PropheticWookie Jun, 2022
    Our girl is growing and developing. It grows as a happy dogg...
    PropheticWookie, 8 months 2 weeks ago 8
    My Noodle boy Doodle
    ExigentFX Apr, 2022
    He's been me with since the first year I moved into my apart...
    PropheticWookie, 11 months 3 days ago 5
    Very funny and happy dog
    PropheticWookie Apr, 2022
    Couldn't resist posting - it's a funny miracle. The photo is...
    PropheticWookie, 8 months 1 week ago 9
    Our baby is growing
    PropheticWookie Apr, 2022
    Our girl eats well, misbehaves, sleeps a lot and runs a lot....
    PropheticWookie, 10 months 23 hours ago 8
    Rescue mystery Pup
    Mean Cuisine Mar, 2022
    I work in one of the most dangerous cities in the country an...
    Gym and Bikes_bro, 8 months 5 days ago 21
    Louis XIII
    AlwaysGottaStiffy Feb, 2022
    This is my frenchie, Louis. We usually have staffies or pit...
    PropheticWookie, 11 months 1 day ago 15
    That's my good girl. Sharpei I'm in love with
    Gym and Bikes_bro Feb, 2022
    She's now almost 4 years, she grew up so fast! I love when I...
    PropheticWookie, 1 year 1 month ago 17
    Ollie 9 months - already quite an adult
    PropheticWookie Feb, 2022
    We are growing and gaining weight. We already weigh 20 kilog...
    PropheticWookie, 1 year 3 weeks ago 4
    lazy ollie
    PropheticWookie Jan, 2022
    A bit of humor and good laziness from Ollie. He loves to sle...
    PropheticWookie, 1 year 1 month ago 9
    Ollie's rest and a man nearby))
    PropheticWookie Dec, 2021
    After a hard day at work, Ollie and I decided to get a littl...
    PropheticWookie, 1 year 3 months ago 0
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