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+ 1 Protein powder and cottage cheese?


So I was out of milk this morning when making my protein shake. I figured what the hell and dumped about a cup of cottage cheese in with my chocolate brownie protein powder, some peaches and blended with water. Made one of the best shakes ever, consistency was perfect not to thick or thin and flavor was on point. Never would have tried the cottage cheese if I hadn't ran out of milk. Just wanted to pass it on. And on another note, I just discovered GNC multivitamin energy, which has caffeine added to the vitamin stack. I take vitamins in the morning and gym in the morning, so a little added bonus pre workout. Never knew they made this until recently and a 60 day supply for under 10 bucks is great!

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Try plain greek yogurt. Just make sure its the plain stuff with no added sugar, it has like 17 grams of protein per serving, just be careful the flavored stuff can be like 30+ grams of sugar per serving