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My cycle progression:

Cycle 1 Test 400mgs
Cycle 2 Test 600mgs
Cycle 3 Test 600mgs, Nandrolone 400mgs
Cycle 4 Test 750mgs
Cycle 5 Test 500mgs, Boldenone 400mgs
Cycle 6 Test 750mgs
Cycle 7 Test 400mgs, Nandrolone 400mgs, HGH 2iu's 5:7
Cycle 8 Test 950mgs
Cycle 9 Test 600mgs, Tren 350mgs
Cycle 10 Test 500mgs
Cycle 11 Test 400mgs, Tren 400mgs/ Stanozolol 350mgs/ Drostanolone 350mgs *
Cycle 12 Test 600mgs, Tren 350mgs, Mast 350mgs**

  • the Test compound and only one of the listed compounds at a time.
    ** mg jacking I ran upto 1,400mgs and ALL I got was BP, sore nips and sleep problems.

I'll be running more Test only cycles from what I've learned running these cycles. I am cruising on Test only now and feel great, great mood, no need for Adex or Caber. Veins, sex drive, hard and strong enough to lift big boobs. what else matters?

For the "I wanna feel good and make horny with GF" TESTOSTERONE ONLY man!

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straight to the point. appreciate the simplification of it.

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Thanks for the info. You have a lot of Prop in the pic you posted recently. How much Prop are you using in those cycles and how much long ester?

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Love it doc, the way it should be done. It concerns me when I see guys say there running 2g, 3g, even 4g. I also have tried to run a extremely high dose and i honestly feelt like I was going to pass, never again.

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This is awesome info bro

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It def does can I just ask how long you ran your first test only cycle though?