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+ 78 My Experience with 1-test cyp (DHB) plus cycle suggestions


I have been getting quite a few PMs with questions about running a 1-test cypionate (Dihydroboldenone) cycle, so I figured I might as well write a post about my experiences with it and what I think about the compound. I also want to say that this is not a beginner compound, so anyone using this compound should have an understanding of cycling compounds and how test affects them first and foremost.


First off, it is probably best to get a little background on the compound itself. Let me state this right away 1-test cyp is NOT testosterone so you cannot use it in place of testosterone in a cycle. I think the confusion comes in the name. People see 1-test cyp and they think testosterone with a cypionate ester. The compound is actually dihydroboldenone (DHB). This is the 5alpha reduced form of the steroid you all know as boldenone. It is nothing like boldenone or EQ however. Just like DHT (which is the 5alpha reduced form of testosterone) is nothing like testosterone.

Here are my cliff notes about what I think the positives are of this compound.

  1. DHB does not aromatize. No gyno or water retention concerns here. Could be used as a contest prep drug.

  2. Highly anabolic. The androgenic ratio is 200:100. Huge potential to produce significant lean body mass gains. Has a strong affinity for the receptors and seems to outcompete testosterone in the cycle (sounds similar to what trenbolone does). I had to increase my AI just a bit while using this compound.

  3. Minimal androgenic effects. I noticed no increase in oily skin, hair loss, or increase in blood pressure. From what I could tell from researching the side effects of the compound, there were no major hepatoxicity effects or stress on the kidneys. It will shut you down though. It appears to be a pretty mild compound in terms of side effects and that is my experience with it also.

  4. Produces extreme vascularity much better than EQ does in my opinion.

  5. Seems to have some fat burning properties as well. It seems strange but while I was in a calorie surplus I was still dropping body fat! I need to investigate this lipolysis effect more. I have never run tren but I have heard that tren can have this effect as well which is interesting.

First 1-test cyp cycle recommendation

Here is how I would recommend running a cycle of 1-test cyp if you have never ran it before. Even though the compound has a cypionate ester and should be reaching peak blood serum levels around 4-5 weeks, I really didn’t start experiencing or noticing the results until around week 7. This has happened both times I have run this compound so my recommendation is to extend the cycle a couple of weeks beyond the standard 12 week cookie cutter cycle. 14 weeks seems to be optimum.

Intro 1-test cyp cycle:

1-4 Oral of your choice based upon your goals
1-14 500mg/wk Test C
1-14 500mg/wk 1-test C (DHB)
15-17 (Test P taper into PCT) 100mg EOD
1-17 50mg Provi ED (AM/PM)
PCT protocol of your choice

Notes on the above cycle:

  1. The more I think about it, I like the addition of an oral to kick this cycle off. Like I mentioned before, it seems to be a slow starter and we all like seeing results right away so why not include an oral that is based upon your goals. Tbol seems like a winner here for me. Dbol or Adrol would be a great choice for a bulker. There is always the option of a test p kicker if you don't like orals.

  2. Due to the strong affinity of this compound for the receptors, it outcompetes the testosterone so I think that there is no need to go above 500mg because it is just going to cause more aromatization. Compared to my 500mg test e cycle, I had to increase my ai just a bit and I was using slightly less test this cycle so that is what is leading me to that conclusion. You would probably be just fine with a lower test dose but I chose 500 because most people have ran a test only cycle at 500mg/wk and can therefore get a good feel for how much extra the DHB will add to the cycle.

  3. I chose test C to run with the cycle just to keep the esters the same but it would be no big deal obviously to use test e instead or even Sust if that is what you are used to .

  4. Tapering seems like a good move to ease into PCT. If you like it great, if not, cut it out.

My first cycle of 1-test cyp.

This is the exact cycle that I ran for my first go of 1-test cyp and my notes and thoughts about the cycle after I ran it.

1-14 400mg/wk Test C
1-14 500mg/wk 1-test C
HGH 4iu/day
4-14 Arimidex .25mg/E3D

That cycle sold me on 1-test. I exploded and put inches on everywhere. My shoulders gained 2in, 1in on biceps, 3in around chest/back and lost ½ in around waist. By the end of the cycle I had gained a solid 9lbs and dropped 3% BF. I say a solid 9 lbs because I retained all of it after PCT, including most of the inches, so it was good lean mass and not all water weight. The vascularity and strength gains were pretty insane. The vascularity effects I received from it lead me to believe that this would be an excellent pre-contest compound. My biceps looked like I had fire hoses running through them and I had spider web veins spreading across my chest and shoulders. All of this was noticeable with a BF of 9-10%. I can only imagine the results at 4-5% BF. Towards the end of my cycle when my BF was the lowest, I also noticed that more dense, hard, and grainy look to my muscles. Once again I can only imagine how that would have looked on stage at 4%, but I was still impressed how it gave that hard polished looked at 9%BF.

I noticed no negative side effects from it. I had tons of energy, libido great, no mood swings and didn’t experience any insomnia. Alpha feeling all the way. The one thing that I did notice was that I still had to keep up with my AI, a little bit more than what I needed for a test only cycle at 500mg/wk. 1-test supposedly doesn’t aromatize to any appreciable degree so my increased use of AI has me somewhat perplexed. I am just speculating here, but this could be due to the fact that 1-test has a much greater affinity for the receptors than the test which may be leaving more test left over to aromatize.

I should also mention I experienced no pip from this compound. I had two different brands during my run and both were smooth. Many people seem to shy away from this compound because they here of these pip horror stories from it. I should mention that if you are allergic to EO, guiaicol, and all that stuff then this is not a compound for you. This is one of the hardest compounds to keep in solution and some hefty amounts of solvents are present in it.

As far as dosing with this compound, I see no need to go above 500mg. This stuff is strong and the results are dramatic. It is supposedly 5x more anabolic than test and I believe that to be true. The test only cycle I ran fails in comparison with the addition of the 1-test and I was running less test during this cycle.
I think 1-test is a very versatile compound and as always your diet will dictate the results. I really think it would particularly shine as a cutter since it doesn't seem to aromatize to any appreciable degree and it really seems to bring out awesome vascularity as well as polishing the muscles with that hard, grainy and dense look. My next contest prep is likely going to include 1-test with either mast or var and very low test.
I am going to be starting an EQ run in a week, so it will be interesting to compare the two. They say that about 5% of EQ converts to DHB.

I am also currently running a cycle of 1-test cyp in preparation of a show I will be competing in. This is an all-out cutter cycle and I am about 7 weeks into it and things are really started to take shape and pop. Current cycle that I am running now is somewhat similar to the example cycle below. the length is different and things are going to be changed the last half of the cycle to accommodate show prep but it would be a good example of using this compound in cutter:

Example Cutter Cycle:

1-14 250 mg/wk Sust (That 250mg is split between 3 shots taken M/W/F)
1-14 600 mg/wk Mast E
1-14 500 mg/wk 1-test cyp
7-14 50 mg Var ED
1-14 50 mg Provi ED (AM/PM)

I have a cycle log started of my current cycle and this will give you an indication of how this is working in a cut.

Excerpt of my latest log for my current 1-test cyp cycle:

Current stats:
BF% 7.98%
LBM 161.77

Change from last week:

-0.48% BF (lost 1lb fat)
lost 1.4 lbs (.4 lbs was lbm)

Change from start of cycle:

Trimmed off 3.1% BF
Lost a net weight of 3.8 lbs (5.9lbs fat)
gained 2.07lbs lbm


13 weeks until showtime.

I have lost almost 6 lbs of fat from the start of the cycle and gained just over 2lbs of LBM. The gear really seems to be kicking in now. It was around 6-7 weeks when it kicked in last time with the 1-test cyp and is no different this time. Vascularity is really starting to pop and the muscle bellies are really plumping out. I have also increased my water intake to 1.5 gallons/day and my goal is to get up to 2gal and stay there until prep week. Calories still at 1900/day.

Somewhat disappointed in the small lbm drop from last week. If LBM continues to drop I may increase calories a bit.

Hopefully I have given you some idea on how to run this compound. Once again I will be happy to answer any questions I wasn’t able to address in this post.

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I could have read this before bothering you sending a message haha. This is great post and what type of info I was looking for. I’m still waiting on my DHB to arrive from first order but will be ordering some more bottles to extend the cycle as you mentioned

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Not to resurrect an old post but In 6 months I’m deciding between

300mg test e+ 400 mg of primo e for 20 weeks


200 mg test Cyp + 200 mg DHB for 16 weeks

Goals are just to acquire lean mass while staying low in Bf%.

I’m in the low teens now around 12% but I’m going to be under 10% while losing mass from coming off cycle.

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I would give the DHB a shot but bump up to 400. That really seems to be a sweet spot. If going with the primo, I would aim for 600mg/wk and bump test up if primo is lowering your estro too much.

Just spitballing this out there. I think your 400mg primo run with 200mg of DHB added would be a fun cycle.

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sent fr Smile

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Got it

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Mind of late to the party, but how much Aromasin would you run on this cycle?

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I would be using 25mg eod

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Definitely going to run dhb. Next go around.

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Great information in this thread.

So I'm in the middle of a MENT-A (175mg) + DHB-C (300mg) cycle right now. Zero test - prostate, hair, and skin are great. I have been using 30mg Raloxifene + 6.25mg Exemestane daily, but as the DHB is building up my AI requirements seem to be diminishing; not sure if this is because of competitive inhibition of the aromatase enzyme, down regulation of ER-associated mRNA transcription, and/or higher androgen:estrogen ratio. I may just hold the AI as it might not even be necessary at this point. I like Ralox because it improves lipid profile and is great prophylaxis for gyno which can definitely be an issue with MENT.

I've been doing twice daily subQ injections with a 31 gauge insulin needle, each 0.25cc MENT + 0.21cc DHB = 0.46cc per injection. DHB does seem to be an inherently inflammatory compound, the injection sites get a bit indurated and tender after about six hours after which it all dissipates around 24 hours later. But there is no true PIP and it certainly does not limit my workouts or activities whatsoever. The DHB (E-P) is 100mg/mL so it is slightly diluted with the MENT at 50mg/mL. For anyone who is interested in DHB but afraid of the PIP, this might be a good option.

My body is changing dramatically with this combo - I'm up about 10 pounds total but have lost some fat with smaller waist and quite a bit thicker looking everywhere else, with a lot of vascularity. Best gains have been in my shoulders, arms, and chest. I have not had water retention with the MENT with the SERM/AI use and a restricted carb diet. My blood pressure does run high but luckily as a physician I have easy access to meds - I take azilsartin 80mg/day + nebivolol 5mg/day plus some herbals which keep it in a good range while on a highish (for my age) androgen load.

Does anyone know if DHB has binds SHBG? I know MENT does not. Most DHT derivatives bind SHBG strongly, but haven't been able to confirm that is the case with DHB. If it doesn't, I may try adding something that does, i.e. Proviron.

I feel fantastic on MENT btw, it is a total replacement for testosterone with a much higher anabolic:androgenic rating. It also has little effect on lipids compared to other AAS. I plan on continuing it after my cycle at a lower dose of 35-70mg;

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I don’t think it’s a good idea to run anything without Test.

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I would agree... with the exception of trestolone. It replaces functions of test+DHT and aromatizes at a reduced rate into a estradiol-equivalent with same binding affinity to ER, 7a-methyletsrogen which has a longer elimination time. I'm currently cruising @ 5mg/day trest ace and feel fantastic with zero test - except for whatever I generate using 250iu of HCG twice a week, and that's probably all bound to SHBG. My biomarkers remain fine (BP, RHR, lipid profile, HCT). I have had no issues with hair loss or prostate enlargement on trestolone solo at up to 25mg/day.

I did have elevation of resting heart rate which I noticed after starting DHB, so it was likely from that or the combo with trest. I finished DHB over a week ago and have tapere the trestolone down, and it is now returning to baseline.

I think most of the people that get into trouble with trestolone are using it with too much testosterone which really exacerbates high E2 + DHT symptoms. Exception is blood pressure, which trestolone does definitely increase at higher doses as do most androgens - my baseline BP runs high so I use azilsartin and also added nebivolol when running higher doses up to 25mg/day. I didn't see any changes in BP with the addition of DHB btw.

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You probably are not needing an Ai because you are not running test. Yes ment can sorta be a replacement just because it converts to estrogen but your test levels in your body are going down and down and down. I don't know how you are even doing dhb subq. But when you stop this cycle you are gonna feel terrible because your test levels are gonna be completely crashed and you will probably lose a lot of your gains. You need test in any cycle.

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True my test, estradiol, and DHT levels are almost certainly flatlined. But I’m 54 and not planning to PCT, rather continue on low dose MENT indefinitely ~ 35mg/week in lieu of TRT. The 7a-methylestradiol replaces estradiol, and MENT is a such a potent androgen that DHT isn’t necessary for libido/aggression. I probably will run a very low dose of DHT derivative like primo or sten just to keep some SHBG binding. So it will be like TRT++. Blood markers are good with low dose Trestolone - in fact often better than TRT with higher HDL/LDL ratio and no erythrocytolsis. Also no hair hair loss or BPH.

I have tried adding very low dose TRT (test-P @ 10mg/day) for test/E2/DHT and didn’t feel any better or different with it, so it was discontinued.

My E-P 100mg/mL DHB works great subQ at least when diluted with the 50mg/mL MENT. Zero PiP just a little induration after 6 hrs lasting for another 23 hrs or so. It have been doing twice daily low volume injections , 14 a week @ 0.25 cc MENT + 0.20 cc DHb = 0.45 cc each. Yeah it’s a lot of pokes but I use numerous peptides too so am used to it.

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İ am about to run low dose dhb npp and test. I'm getting great results in npp. I learned DHB from makva. I've never used it before, I didn't know what it was. I bought 7x dhb from a european source. I wonder how it will affect me. thanks mak

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What dosages you plan on running?

Caner's picture

250 test 300 npp 300 dhb i will run it. and 3 ıu of gh daily . I'm thinking of going 10 weeks. now trt 125 per week. I feel good .

Makwa's picture

Kind of a short run for DHB. This stuff really starts to shine after 6-7 wks. If going to run shorter you may want ot front load for the first couple of weeks.

Caner's picture

i have enough dhb i can do it in 14 or 16 weeks. I will consider your suggestion.

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Nice post Makwa, I am looking to incorporate a compound to my test cycle, to add some quality lean muscle with minimal sides. Seems like Dhb is superior to Tren from a side effect stand point. Wonder if gains on tren are superior to Dhb.

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I don't think gains with tren are superior. The high cortisol levels due to lack of sleep start catching up with the anabolic portion of tren and it just becomes a losing battle fighting the side effects. I make more gains when I feel good on cycle and can sleep vs when I feel like i got hit by a bus and all tweaked out.

smoke1more's picture

I appreciate the feed back.

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Great post. I was unsure what DHB was and what its effects were, you explained it perfectly and in great detail. I’ll have to try some in the future.

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Very versatile compound and more sources are selling high quality DHB with little to no pip. Used to be like trying to find a needle in a haystack to find a good source with it, but fortunately not anymore.

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Im late to this but I had a few question. You said you had to up your AI but that it also does not aromatize. What would be the reason for this? Im guessing it acts kind of like tren where it doesnt aromatize, however an AI may still be needed.

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DHB has a stronger binding affinity to the receptors so it beats out test leaving more test floating around to be aromatized. You may or may not have to increase AI but just don't be surprised if you do.

papa.smurf0311's picture

That is incredible information sir. Thank you.

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Hey makwa, I’m on my first DHB cycle.. pretty much. Sounds exactly like yours but as well as dbol as my oral I’m about to finish tren a 100 EOD to kick it off.. 500 test and 300 DHB… do you feel the 300 is too low?

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I'm running 200mg of DHB now but going to bump it up to 400. 400mg seems to be where the magic starts to happen with me.

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What results have you seen out of 200 mg?

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Running it in a stack, so TBH not seeing dramatic results at 200mg that I can solely contribute to the DHB

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Ok good to know, I’m about 4 1/2–5 weeks in… when I finish this tren it’ll free up some injection sites and I’ll probably bump it up…this was a great read btw. Always listen when you post something tasty

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4-500 seems to be the sweet spot. Haven't tried higher than that but I might one of these days. My cut this summer I ran 200 DHB along with 200mg of tren. Which worked well except for the tren catching up to me and biting me in the ass. Thought was to keep tren low and supplement with a like compound to minimize side effects but they still showed up. Would have been better just running 400mg DHB and no tren.

thahulk2014's picture

What was your test dose on this summer run?

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Yeah see I get horrible side effects from tren too… but I love it!! The results that is… which is why it was just to kickstart everything…,300mg a week until the bottles gone… almost there…then I’ll actually be able to tell the results from just the DHB… plan on a 16 week run

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DHB seems to take awhile to really kick in. Need to be patient with it. Usually around that 6-7wk mark is when you all of a sudden realize your body has changed and just keeps getting better from there. I like longer runs with it for that reason. Kind of like primo, the longer you run it the better it gets.

Voodoo4312's picture

You think 16 is too short? Or a good run? First time with it so I’d rather ask dumb questions then do stupid stuff

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14-16 wk is a good run with it.

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Is DHB suspended in oil or water? If oil what causes the PIP? Does this product fall out of suspension and the crystallization cause the pain? Does warming up the bottle help with the pip? If you have tried Test suspension is the pip similar?

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DHB is in oil. Just the nature of compound that causes pip. Very hard to put into solution and often requires alot solvents that can also produce pip for some individuals. Warming can help, but if you are prone to pip from it warming wont be that much of a help. Suspension burns going in but no pip afterwards. DHB could have you limping for a week.

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Resurrecting an old post here. Off topic Mak, but I have a question. Why would you use sust for a cutting cycle and test cyp for bulking? Are these just examples or is there some benefit to this?

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If I have to pin more than 2x/wk to accommadate all the oil often times I will switch to sust since that works well with EOD or MWF pinning. Get that little extra bang from the shorter esters. Really a horse apiece though.

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To quote you "DHB could have you limping for a week." does this go away? I remember when I did sust for the first time and it felt like someone hit me with a sledge hammer but it was better the next injection. But I was only doing 1ml a week. They need to add "Novocaine" to the solution? lol- I was planning on buying 3 vials of dhb for my next cycle and doing 100mg eod. I might buy only 1 just to see and buy more if I can deal with the pip.

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Best advice is to buy a bottle to test for pip before buying a shit ton of it. May need to try multiple brands to find one that works for you. Some brands are pip in a bottle and others are smooth as butter. You just need to find a brand that works for you.

IronBeast93's picture

PM me your favorite, I rather try something that has worked for someone than shoot blindly in the dark.

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FR sent

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If it doesn't aromatize why is it repeatedly warned about?