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+ 2 Exciting Cycles planned for 2019?


A Big and Happy New Year to everyone for 2019! Let's hope its a productive and healthy one for all Smile

Has anyone got any exciting cycles, routines or diets planned for the year that they haven't tried before?

I'm planning on including complete rest weeks now probably once every 8 weeks to avoid as much burn out and keep mental motivation higher.

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This year i might get in a compition, im planning on the triple mega stack, test p, npp, and mast p, for size, i might add hgh 4,6 ius for few months loading before will see how it goes, i have my gym partner swears on that triple stack the synergy he says is unbelievable

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HNY man! Love the idea of rest weeks. You can often notice a strength increase after heading off on holidays for example, come back to the gym and boo, in better form than before. Its a great idea!

2019 is about a restart for me.
Gonna finish out a low test high deca run Im currently on, and switch to low test low mast for a short blast shedding fat. That will be a vicious end but due to the aggressive and short nature of the fat-strip, I shouldnt lose much muscle, but once the restart begins test will be terrible so I will work hard on maintaining muscle and improving the natural test situation with be a complete HPGa restart. Once restarted I am going to spend a lot of 2019 trying to boost natural test levels. I will play with hcg for test and after that play with clomid and aromasin to manipulate estro in the body, at different stages. See what can be achieved. Depending on what the body can maintain after a clomid run, I may consider long term clomid use... all depends really.
Then I will try to optimise it with keto, some herbs like ashwaganda and also some sildenafil therapy for 30 days, see if I can't get myself up off the low normal baseline into something decent.

Alongside this, I plan to assess some of the damage done from the years of pricking around with AAS. Will get a full heart checkup, try figure out the lay of the land with regard to arteries etc. and try optimise lipids and all of those other funky variables.

Not quite a cycle of AAS now, but should be interesting to see where it goes.

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Happy New Year to you too Giar! I know exactly what you mean about the week off & going on holiday and actually coming back to find you've got stronger when you think you'll have lost a tonne of muscle! As long as you stay fairly healthy when away and eat well etc, the few times I was away on more of a lads holiday and drinking 24/7 it was a totally different story though Lol Probs lost about a months worth of gym time haha Was nowhere near as dedicated back then though and sounds alien to say it now but I was a 'Nattie' lol No Terminator hormones in me...

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In 2019 I plan on doing something unconventional.
I will be running first
Test e 250-500mg primo 400-800mg 20wk MHN 30mg.
This is my bulk to start
im going to run MHN 6wks and then end with the last 6wks up until lowering my testosterone levels all the way down to trt 100mg per wk of test cyp.
Wk 1-8 testosterone enanthate 500mg split wk
Wk 9-20 250mg testosterone enanthate all pharma grade
Wk1-8 primo 400mg wk 9-20 500,600,700,800 then 600mg till wk 20
wk1-6 MHN 30mg then end last 6wks always at 30mg split starting at 10mg split and raise to 30mg split both times.

Diet for this cycle will be
300-350carbs or less depending on bloat
50-70g of fat
3000-4000cals depending upon how the diet is working with the gear.

My second cycle will be my "lean bulk" or cutting cycle testosterone enanthate 500mg 1testcyp or DHB 400mgs and add tbol 40mg the first 8wks if my blood work shows that its safe and my hdl and ldl plus liver count aren't all crazy. If things are bad I will drop the tbol 40mg split.

The diet would be
250-300g of protein
200-300g of carbs possibly less
50-70g of fat
2000-2500cals depending on how my diet reacts with the compounds I might need to add more calories.

This is going to be the 2 cycles for 2019 but I might add in a 8wk cut blast between the two other cycles.
It would be just testosterone propionate 50mg ed with 50mg of proviron and tbol 40mg split.
If blood work shows its safe.

I cruise on 200mg a wk of test cyp for the whole year no pct for awhile probably none ever again just probably 50mg 2x a wk for trt
I always run proviron 50mg split year round except for when taking other stronger dht derivatives such as primo and 1testcyp.

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250mg test cyp a week and proviron 25mg ones a day , how that will work ?

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I don't understand what you are asking?

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Question is when you take 250mg of Cyp and 25mg proviron do you get results and do you need to worry about higher estrogen or proviron will balance that


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Me personally during a primo cycle I take 250mg/ml a week of testosterone enanthate with no proviron

When I run testosterone enanthate or cypionate at 500 mg split 250 mg 2x a week I run 50mg of proviron

When im cruising on 200mg testosterone cypionate a week I run 50mg proviron split ed

Im not sure where you see that I run 250mg testosterone with 25mg proviron
I don't run like this I usually run 50mg proviron year round unless running another dht derivative

If you're talking about yourself running 250mg of testosterone with 25mg proviron I wouldn't do it. You would be shutting down your natural production for no reason.

If you're planning on running a cycle post up in a new thread your plans or ideas and you can get answers

Also proviron doesn't balance estrogen it slows aromatase by allowing the synthetic testosterone to not change into estrogen at a high rate instead it allows it to be free testosterone getting more active testosterone out of your injections.

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This, ladies and gentlemen, is how you plan. Fuck dude i thougbt I was doing good with a cycle log book.

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Cycle log books are great also using it to track your nutrition and workouts helps alot also.
This is still just a rough draft it changes to fit my needs and goals throughout the year

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Starting a DHB/EQ/Test cycle in 2-3 months depending on bloodwork. Ive never ran DHB before so I am pretty excited about that.

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I'll be starting my first ever run with equipoise soon so I'm pretty excited about that. Gonna run the test and EQ both from a very reputable domestic source. I've not yet tried this source but the gear is spoken so highly of by other members here I'm pretty psyched about trying it out.

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E.Q makes you feel bloody brilliant mate - very uplifting and euphoric. If you get the appetite surge thats crazy too!

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Love eq just remember to do your blood donations but I get enhanced appetite and I can eat lot anyways.Even better is I keep majority of gains hope you do to and all goes well for you brother.

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You guys are making me regret my deca cycle. I love the mass but always regret the 19-nor sides 16-20 weeks in.

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Lol, well there's always the next cycle though, so no need to regret.

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Ive read that not everyone experiences the surge in appetite but I'm hoping to be one of the fortunate. I like what it does in terms of vascularity so if not there's still that and the other benefits you mentioned.

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I dont get the increased appetite but the vascularity from eq is second to none. It seems to make my skin paper thin as well and just look better overall.

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Yeah it seems like there are great benefits from EQ even without the appetite surge so I'm looking forward to getting started since I know it'll take a bit to peak.

How many weeks in typically before the increased vascularity gets pronounced?

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For me i notice a slight increase around week 10 and then Round week 12 or 13 it is very noticeable

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I am one of those that doesn't get any boost in appetite from EQ.

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I have no experience to back this but i have to assume there are pros and cons to that increased appetite. The pros just being short term fast gains but the con being eventual gain losses due to not being able to maintain that caloric intake after the cycle ends. I was gonna run ghrp-6 for an appetite booster but decided against it, figured I'm better off long term just making incremental increases in caloric intake the old fashioned way.

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I really see no cons from it. I just eat like I normally do. I don't need anything to make me eat. It is also nice since I don't need to have those cravings when I am using it to cut.

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I am a huge fan of peptides, but I am also prolactin sensitive. When stacked with deca I stay pretty lean and dry and can eat so much to blow up, but I also take cabaser 2x weekly and pramipexole nightly. If you haven't ran them before give ghrp2 a try.

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I like ghrp-2, I ran it on a test/provi cycle and ate like crazy but stayed extremely lean and saw great lean gains and kept them all. Other than that all I've tried it cjc no dac and mt2. Wouldn't mind trying pt-141. Add some to my wife's mt2 shots this spring, lol.

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Bro I hope you were using cjc no dac and your ghrp together. They work synergistically and make taking them individually seem pointless to me from a physiological viewpoint.

Edit - 100mcg ghrp2 + 100mcg cjc no dac / 3x daily (wake, post workout, pre bed) for 8 months and you won't want to stop. Just be aware of prolactin. I'll drop you my favorite source if you pm me.

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I did them together, I ran ghrp-2 first for a while and liked the results and heard about the synergy with cjc so added it in later.

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Just started a Test, Tren, DHB cycle so not running anything after this until fall.

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Currently just running Test...I'll go form here may add Anavar soon. I know; it's boring. But I'm old!

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Shoot. This year. I’m cycling off right now. Then I’ll go to basic Prop and E again. After that I pretty much hce my next 3 cycles already mapped out. Haha. But I’ll see where I’m at when the time comes.

I’ll agree with the stretching more. Def need to do that. However, this year. Def need to bring in a better balance with gym. School and work.

Happy New Year

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Well not very exciting but I'm planning on running test dhb and proviron starting in March. Never used dhb before so its new to me. Currently in the process of dropping down to 225. Thats where I'm most comfortable. Im about 7lbs away right now and this year instead of traing heavy I'm doing more supersets and moderate weight.
And a shitload more stretching!
My goals have changed over 2018 and I've decided I want to be a good size but more athletic. I had a couple injuries last year that probably could have been avoided if I was.

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I’m interested to know how your dhb run goes. I’m looking to try that myself in April along with prop. Hopefully all Goes well for the both of us!

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Yea Im thinking I may create a cycle log. From what Ive read here and elsewhere it sounds like its what I'm looking for. I'll be running it with test e though.

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Sounds good mate, I'd like to start pre stretching more also. Keep meaning to get a foam roller and massage sticks for thighs. You ever used one of those peanuts for spinal erectors? Dhb is another compound I've yet to use.

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Ive never used the peanut but my wife does. I swear by my foam roller tho! I'll roll out my upper back and glutes after deadlifts....huge help. Rolling out my quads is pretty good as well. Just looks like I'm dry humping the floor. Lol

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Do you find the foam roller good for activating your back and lats before deadlifting & benching? Never ever used one..Seems to be a whole range to choose from lol Is it best to go for the straight forward foam version first before the hardened knobbly plastic ones?!