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Rich Piana takes 5000IUs Hcg EoD!!


Rich Piana the Super Mutant on PCT.

Isn't that a little excessive? Vets thoughts on this?

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What is more surprising is he is not blasting and cruising....

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he stays on all the time now

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this is one of things ive been saying for a while, but somehow get ignored about. i equate it to a light bulb being off, you add something to turn it on but got something in you that says stay off. go in your living room and flip the light switch on and off enough, and what happens to that light bulb. pffft blown. i dont think its a good idea. i think based on what i have read, even in the medical community its use is for long term guys, trt or blast n cruisers. but for us just running a small 10+ week cycle i cant find any supporting medical or study about its use. so what we do know is from the community. we all know sometimes its hard to change the parroting that goes on. im not saying there is no credible use for it, i just dont see how using it the way most of us here do is good. maybe after a 20 week cycle to get you warmed up for pct and thats a maybe.

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so say its been 15 days since my last shot of test e, i take hcg 5000iu EoD for the first two weeks in conjunction with the standard pct?

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You do the hcg blast for 2 weeks and then you start your pct with serms etc

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It's been awhile since I watched this video but as I remember it's just for pct, not for an extended amount of time.

I know I've read (totally don't have links to back this up) that high doses continued over time will basically make your body not react to hcg anymore...

Using it for pct vs TRT, to me, are two different doses. Pct.. Blast... To kick start. TRT.. Slow and steady for maintenance

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He's doing what is called blasting HCG right before PCT.. I did it too but not that high