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+ 1 How's my bulk cycle - Trying to bulk while staying lean, not bloated or fater.



As explained in the title, I'm looking to run specific strong bulk cycle to build a good amount of mass while staying lean ( No bloat and/or > big amount of fat )

  • 750 Deca ( Apparently it's the best pure mass gainer, if your main goal is bulking, no cosmetic, no strength, only lean mass building, but it comes with bloat )

  • 750 EQ ( It makes you starving, which is what i'm looking into a bulk, also EQ will give me a mild dry look with enormous veins, pump and cardio )

  • 300 Tren ( The one that should entirely blow the water of Deca out of my body, and which allows me to put on less fat than I should, I can even finish my bulk leaner )

  • 500 Test ( It's a base, why 500? Because on me it works just perfectly with 750 EQ, so I don't need an AI )

To resume :

Looking : Deca will bloat me, but Tren will blow the water off my body, EQ will make it even more cosmetic with the pump/veins and a mild dry look. Tren with a perfect nutrient partitioning should makes me put way less on fat than usual.

Bulk : Deca is my main builder, apparently one of the best one for pure lean tissue, but all of them together will build a copious amount of mass, and EQ will makes me hungry, so it helps.

am I right?

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Promise me if you run that cycle, you will run blood work and post pics.

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You are using 4 cycles worth of gear in this one cycle Lol

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Give us some of your pictures and a real cycle history, so we know whether you're being serious or a troll. I can't decide....

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I want and I actually am willing to help anyone here at eRoids, just don't want to waste letters for trolls being banned in three days anyway. Happened to many times already... Believe it or not, what I'm asking would actualy help you to ice break and to prove that you're not only kidding with us. Your cycle is dumb and you sound like a typical Youtube fed "I know everything" guy, so If you actually seek help, you'll have to open a bit to the community.

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Oh crap this dude didn't even lasted three days, what a pity :-/

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So if you don’t care what anyone tells you why waste your time posting?

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If that’s your second cycle it’s to much. When you first start drinking beer a couple get you buzzed. Over time you need more to get the same effect.
Steroids work the same way. It’s better in the long run to only add compounds when you’ve run into a wall. It really doesn’t take much at first if your diets in check. If you want to be a 230 guy you need to eat like it in order to grow to that size.
Diet is underated. My advice is increase your test from last cycle and add some provi or Tbol to increase your free test. Save the other stuff for when you need it.
I personally don’t think lean bulks work. You either bill or cut imo, unless your a genetic freak. Most of us on here arent. Goodluck

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Good luck. Just remember, if it was easy everyone would be jacked.
The truth is we can’t all be msss monsters but with diet, exercise and a lot of persistence anyone can have a good physique.

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Cycle seems a little heavy and would bloat the living shit out of me, not to mention fuck up my blood. I can feel my dick limping over just reading your Deca doasage. Deca and EQ at the same time is a little crazy, so you should probably pick one or the other. Most importantly, your food intake is what’s going to make you grow, not the heavy amount of gear, so I would suggest lowering every dose, pick one, Deca or EQ, half the amount of Tren if any at all. 500 test is the most logical part of your cycle. For me, that is.

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2nd cycle? 500mg test and some anavar for fun. Or a moderate dose of EQ/Primo.

Edit: smh double 19nor, what are you doing???

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He’s trying to look like that dude he’s posted the picture of. Not taking it Into consideration the years of prep, training and diet. Some dudes don’t even consider Tren unless 10th cycle or going on stage. Mind you he’s mentioned he wants to do this all in a caloric deficit. Another head spinning scenario.

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All achievable with Eq if BF% Is low enough. You can even gain solid weight while still keeping bf% low and even though it promotes hunger, if you eat high protein and low carb you will gain muscle and lower bf% without losing weight. I personally like the increased stamina effects of Eq which allows higher training intensity due to higher Red blood cell count but if hematocrit levels are too high, you’ll need to donate blood.

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Lmao these kids really think steroids are magic, 2 heavy cycles and they think they'll look like prime Jay Cutler. This is why steroids get a bad rep.

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hahahah dude yes this is so true

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I’m referring to your other post. You’re all over the place and yes I admitted I took your other post out of context but there is a developing pattern here. You really need to pump the brakes here before you fuck yourself up and need to be on trt. You can gain a solid 15 pounds on a moderate dose of test alone and if you want dry gains look into Eq with test as Davos suggested. Whatever you decide to do, you don’t have to consider my advice but I hope you take this seriously and consider the advice what others have offered you.

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Bulk without getting “fater”

Cut without “loosing” muscle

Be sure to run bloods if you decide to run this cycle as well as a before and after picture. I’m actually curious if you pull this off.

You have it all figured out. Best of luck to you

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I honestly feel my inner rusty rising reading op's posts.

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...you are the OP

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Lmao he even negged you, he was on full tilt.

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So you ran Trenbolone on your first cycle, and this is now your second cycle?

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Looking at this cycle I would think that this is for a veteran or someone that's been running cycles for a little while. Maybe it's just me but I've been in the game awhile and I've yet to come close to those dosages combined. Real talk, no bs.

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Hello, I agree with you ...
But nowday some people don't care about health and focus on gain it's like
" hello i start my first or second cycle and i use lot test and tren "

My first cycle 200MG Nandrolone D + 250mg Sustanon 1ml each / week for 10 weeks, incredible gain, but i had lost my libido during cycle.

@LeMadalaMamaPrec435 depend your level / experience :
500mg Test
400mg Deca and add some Masteron 200mg / week are a lot suffisant if your product and diet are well dosed.
Mix 19-nor compound are a not great idea.

Why plan all this stuff and at this dose ?
Your blood are full of rbc with this cycle you need to donate or bleeding lot time.

PS: from my experience when i add to the Nandrolone Decanoate some Nandrolone PhenylPropionate the quality of the muscle are lot better, so maybe think about stacked this two ester for better synergy and better looking with Sustanon :-)

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@lundgren @LeMadalaMamaPrec435 @simonmagus84 so let me just say this...just because some guys don't care about health and focus just on gains doesn't give me the green light to justify using tren or deca for the second cycle of a newbie. Just being clear. Now personally I recommend test only for first 2 cycles but hey I see no issue with adding primo, dhb or something of the sort for the second cycle. Hey Lundgren well said and LeMadalaMama hope you can understand my point. That's just my thoughts on your cycle. Be ready to get regular bloods and have the necessary add ons such as caber etc on hand. Good luck man.

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He posted up a pic of a guy the other day who looked to be in prep phase asking what we think his cycle is. He’s clearly trying to go all out to mimic this guys look believing it’s a necessity to take all of these compounds to achieve his goals. He’s made no mention of his concerns with any sides taking copious amounts of compounds along with gradual progressions with smaller dose cycles. If this is indeed his second cycle, he can make tremendous gains off 500 mg cycle alone without any orals or secondary compounds just like you mention. My guess is he’s a 25 y/o kid trying to instantaneously achieve years worth of work in one cycle at the expense of his health while staying (dry). I don’t know what his diet or training or current physique is like to even respond to these types of questions but plenty of users on here have achieved what he desires using far less compounds. This is a disaster waiting to happen, I hope he listens to the vets but observing his posts and patterns, he’s dead set on this and there isn’t a chance in hell anyone will stop him.

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@DeeMan i'm old user, some years ago i had my Power Lifter license and to be honest 250mg test E or 200mg test C or 250mg Sustanon weekly it gave me a lot of power and gain.

With Testosterone Enanthate 250mg from script 1ml / week i have around 1400-1600 ng of total test, for me it's a lot suffisant.

I dont like high test level because some side effect coming, with proper diet the ldl UP a lot and hdl drop a lot too.

So i can't imagine on 500mg weekly or more.

I think @LeMadalaMamaPrec435 needs to change his mind , but like i said nowday it's the new area, it has become fashionable to take trenbolone some YouTubeur or TikToker promot this compound, sometimes it's very young users ... (besides you will notice that the sellers never ask the age of the customer)

Yes test with little extra Primo are a good idea, or test with little extra bolde :-)

Now i hesitate for the winter cycle :

Nandrolone + Sustanon
Boldenone + Testosterone Enanthate


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The youtube and tik tok stuff probably has alot to do with this moon blasting madness .