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Guess his cycle



I've saw a incredible physic on reddit, and I was wondering was could be his cycle. This is my guess :

  • 400 Tren ( Dry look )
  • 750 EQ ( Full of Veins )
  • 750 Deca ( Full of mass )
  • And a test base, I'd say anything between 500 and 1500mg.

The pictures : https://imgur.com/a/5mT0j7b

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Quite possibly the dumbest fucking thread I’ve ever seen --

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late to the party here, but no, that is not his cycle Lol

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I came back to this and looked at it.

1.5 grams of test?
3/4 grams of EQ
3/4 grams of Deca
400 Tren Acetate daily or every other dosage..

That is a significant cycle. That is not sustainable though, it's going to hurt your organs... Attempting to maintain that homeostasis is next to impossible..

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Are you joking?

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He's blind. How can he see the picture?

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Lmao I laughed so hard at this comment.

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Can't believe I've just realised this - this is Jo Lindner who died not so long ago supposedly of an aneurysm (looks extremely like him anyway)

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That's def not Jo Lindner.

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Thats a stage ready shot after years of dialing it in. No oils at all, just chemical wizardry and spot on diet for weeks. The diet spot on for weeks part had to be repeated.

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To me he looks like he is literally about to step on stage and compete, so I'm not really sure how you could guess what he has ran due to it being largely down to diuretics and fat strippers with his current condition and dryness. Its simply muscle with zero water and fat on it, he could of ran anything to get all that muscle beforehand. A large part is down to his diet too for the past several months etc. Sure he will of run Tren as most do before competing, Winny, Halo etc.

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Mate I am actually worried about what results you think you'll get from running a cycle of steroids Shok Do you realise the many other things he has run to achieve this look and how utterly battered, dehydrated and ill he is in the picture?

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Yep, he has no idea and he thinks taking 7 or 8 compounds will help him
Achieve this result. This dude will be banned be the end of the week.

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Dude no...

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I say think that look is from tren,eq and winny and one hell of a clean clean diet.

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For sure he's not running deca or more than 500mg test. Looks like a healthy dose of mast and or EQ with tren, HGH and an impeccable diet. Lets not forget the good lighting. Probably some winstrol too.

Do you have his instagram or more pics?

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Deca is the last compound you want to use when you want to look lean. He might have used deca before to gain mass, but surely not while on cycle when he took these pics.

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Seems like you got it all figured out...

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Jeez, I thought it was dick pic with all those veins

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I’d say

400 Tren
600 mast e
750 test e
100 mg Winstrol

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I would like to see his previous pictures. I’m sure he took a mass gainer. For me to look massive and lean I need to bulk up 35 40 + which would take minimum 1.5 years and then spend 6 months or so cutting. I wonder if this dude just has great genetics and thee GH primo and Tren continuously for years or did he lose 30lbs from a previous bulk?