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-1 Anavar + Test cycle


Wondering what yall think of this first cycle
Been on 70mg test e EOD for 10 weeks, looking to top off the last month with some anavar 20mg (split 10mg am/pm)
Looking to get jacked safely, like var for its connective tissue benefits. (esp since im on SERMS 60mg ralox EOD which lower IGF)
Ik im not gonna get anything crazy with this low dose but rather stay safe than sorry.
Also i am using topical 1ml 0.1%finasteride concurrently, daily. (was already on it for the test, but will it help prevent the extra hair loss from the anavar aswell?)

This is my first cycle, dont want any gyno at all, and trying to minimize hair loss.
So far so good, but not sure how the addition of var will go, should i start with 10mg first then up or is 20mg straight up still fine?

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Run the Var exactly like you said, am/pm for four to six weeks. Work out hard and eat lean and clean. You really only have to worry about going bald if you’re destined to be bald. I’ve never lost any hair on Var, even at higher dosages

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