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pinning quads ..


Just a question for u guys who pin quads do you use imch or inch n half needles?

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23G 1 inch, but i just push them about 3/4 in.

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25g inch sometimes even 27g 5/7 inch

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i see a lot of conflicting locations for quads. where is the right spot. some places show it directly on the side of the leg where your middle finger would come to rest with your arms at your side. but other places show it further up towards the front. where is it?

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Spotinjections.com will show u all of them

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i do the same thing as Makwa, I heat the oil then inject

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25g 1inch. Heat the oil and flows real easy out of the 25g.

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I use 23g needles for quads, i love pinning quads, its so easy. I use 1nch 1/4 needles and i put it in around 1nch

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I use one inch 25 gauge needles into my outer quad roughly in the place that is center from my knee and the top of my leg.

Go in slowly so that you can sense nerves and readjust as needed, your legs have a ton of nerves. It's my favorite site though!

Pm me if you have any more questions

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