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Semaglutide reconstitution dosage


I've been using semaglutide as prescribed to me by a doctor through a compounding pharmacy. However, the cost was getting a bit ridiculous. I am using it for weight loss and not for diabetes or health issues.

To help save money (or what I thought would help save money), I bought a bottle of semaglutide online. (bottle pictured below)

The bottle notes that it's 5mg and is in powder form, which means I need to reconstitute it. And that's where I need the help. The bottle will accept about 2ml of bacteriostatic water.

If the dosage is meant to be at 2.4mg per week and I inject 2ml of water, then this bottle would last me 2 doses? Am I understanding that correctly? And I would need to pull ~1ml with each dose? This seems wildly off to me, but I could be wrong. Mostly because I would need to inject 4x if I used the insulin needles.

For reference, here is an overview of what I received from the compounding pharmacy. Note: This has B12 in it.

Semaglutide / Cyanocobalamin Injection (2.5 mL)
Strength: 5/0.5 mg/mL

Here is my dosage cycle

Inject subcutaneously once weekly. Weeks 1-4: 0.05ml (5units), Weeks 5-8: 0.1ml (10units), Weeks 9 and On: 0.2ml (20 units)

I was at week 9+ so taking .2ml which would be 2mg. So slightly below the dosage that most are on for wegovy at 2.4mg.

Thanks to whoever can sort this. I should have paid closer attention in maths. All of this is much easier when not having to reconstitute, but I understand the need for this active ingredient.

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That’s a good brand you’ll enjoy

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I use 2ml bac water to the 5mg sema. Each 1/10 of a ml is .25 mg. 2/10 of a ml .5 mg. 3/10 .75mg and so on. I use that brand.
There's words for the 1/10 of a ml, I forgot.

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If I input 2ml into the 5mg bottle, would that give me a concentration of 5mg/2ml? So my dose would be 1ml if I'm to take 2.4mg once a week.

Which means each 5mg would last me 2 weeks?

What dose are you taking for this? Are you at 2.4mg?

I feel like I'm overcomplicating this in my head. Mostly due to the cost of the semaglutide. My expectation was that the 5mg bottle would last longer than 2 weeks. But I could be completely wrong.

Even if it doesn't, it's still wildly cheaper. Just want to make sure I don't take too much and end up feeling sick for a week.

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2.4 is a VERY high dose. I have bee. On it for a few months and do .50 and it does well. More that you do there is more of a chance of unwanted side effects

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Yes the 5mg would be 2 doses if you were built up to that amount of a dose.
I'm on the 4th week of .5. First two weeks were .25mg.

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Appreciate it.

That's what I thought. Just weird because it's not the same as other dosages I've had. The concentration in what I got from the compounding pharmacy was significantly higher. So .2ml got me 2mg dose. Now, it's 1ml which is way more.

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Use less water then.

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1 unit? 10 units per ml

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Thanks bro.

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Use this, makes it very easy , let me know if you need more help.

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Thanks for this.

This is a great calculator, but I'm still confused about the dosage I would be taking. The calculator shows everything in mcg, whereas my dose is in mg.

So if I'm supposed to be taking 2.4mg once per week, then I would take ~1ml if I reconstitute with 2ml of bacteriostatic water.

Maybe I'm thinking about this incorrectly?

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1000 mcg is 1mg. The bottom of the calculator has "other" look at doing 2400mcg. I believe you are looking to do 96iu which would almost be the entire insulin syringe. But please double check my math.

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