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Why in the hell do my reviews keep getting flagged?? I’ve wrote 2 now and both of them were flagged and told me to follow the bubbles… I DID! And I’m looking at other reviews and there a quite a few that are a lot more simple then mine. I’m not sure what I’m missing here. Can anyone tell me what the deal is?

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Tbh Bud seeing now what you wrote in the review - it was pretty shit and unhelpful Lol

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Way to throw gas on the fire dick lol I disagree about the unhelpful part though. It was an honest review after using the product/products. I don’t disagree about it being shit because I wasn’t detailed enough to write down a cycle log but it’s still the experience that I took away from it

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I hate to make your two peckered billy goat limp but, it was unhelpful and was shit. Your opinion doesn't really matter in this case, do it right or don't do it at all.

I gave you a simple 18 word example down below that doesn't require a thesis, or detailed cycle log. Jesus, read the reviews that don't get flagged and you'll see how lax I am. All you need is an 8th grade education and to put in a little effort.

Here's the mindset you need: You are not a grateful cheer leading fan boy for the source. You are a feared and respected critic not swayed by the plebs you review.

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Yeah I got it mod

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Listen Last of The Samurai .....

You have The Site Owner, Head Of Mods, & Various Elite Members ALL telling you the Review is Bad - If I were you I would just take heed, listen to the advice given & do better next time Yes 3

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I'm glad plebian.

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Okay so pretty much y’all are calling me a lazy bitch. It’s cool… it’s cool.. I’m not gunna do.. what everybody thinks I’m gunna do…. and FLIP OUT!! But I do see where I’m falling short now. Thanks for rubbing this puppies nose in its shit ladies. I’ll be stepping er up from now on

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Happens to me buddy and I've been here for a little while. Just make sure it's a review and not a thank you to the source. Frankly, a proper review is the biggest thank you that can be given to a source. Make sure you've used it long enough to leave accurate comments. For example, if you review a product you received a year ago, and it could have been the best ever, chances are it's not what they're currently stocking. That's why timely reviews and pictures are stressed. Don't let it get you down, I'll be 46 in 2 weeks and I learn new things every day.

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I been there brother.
Years ago my first review was negged for not being comprehensive enough. I asked about it and was told why. So I learned to take my time and write more useful reviews. I keep daily on cycle notes for my own reasons (learning what works and what doesn't, dosages, progress, I can use for future cycles), the cycle notes also help when writing reviews, because I can look back on them and include important details. Some people have A LOT on the line when it comes to their training, they lurk this site and read reviews, and they want to know details before picking sources and gear. Even the average gear user just lifting for health and vanity wants details man.

So I been there. Seen worse too. Greg banned me shortly after I joined Eroids for rule breaking. I don't want to go into detail, it was a couple years ago and I was being stupid. I came back with another account and acknowledged the rule I broke, apologized, and asked nicely to be unbanned at this account. Greg showed me mercy and unbanned my Shred777 account then banned the account I came back with. Speaking to Mods and Admin respectfully seemed to help. I'm not saying you have been disrespectful, I'm just sharing some things.

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5x censored Test 250: it is exactly what it says it is. Quality testosterone with minimal PIP.
Labeling is a little generic but the quality is great.
I don’t have anything bad to say about this testosterone product after 4 weeks of use.

-censored Test300
I can definitely feel this test running through my blood! Feelin like King Kong. A little PIP but these were virgin muscles so what do ya expect. PIP usually only lasted a day in the quads and a little tender on the ass for a couple days but very very tolerable.
-censored arimadex 1mg.
The arimidex just recently came in to play and it’s working harder than a two peckered billy goat.


A review should be relevant. We don't need know you've placed an order. Or read "gtg, received my stuff". Review should be your full experience, that includes everything from your first contact, to the gains you're making with the products.

What part of the above are you not getting???

Water gives minimum PIP too
Label not relevant... don't judge a book by its cover
I don’t have anything bad to say = g2g, Feelin like King Kong, fyah, running through my blood!, working harder than a two peckered billy goat., does what you'd expect, etc.

Try for example: "I took 500mg per week, 14 weeks, gained 10lbs while leaning out BF went from 18% to 14%

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"not disappointed", "Quality testosterone", you're "tagging" not writing reviews.

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Find forum..... how to post a review for dummies