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Pro Card Advice


Hey guys!

Another rookie question coming at you (I feel like a PFC right now lol) but what is the quickest way to get your pro card? I was told by an IFBB pro today in my gym (55 yrs old) that all natural is the way to go..Is this true nowadays? And what is the fastest way un natural?

Any advice would be much appreciated!!

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@Makwa has taken many shows. Another wealth of knowledge

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Thanks again Rusty!! Damn! His bio is impressive as hell...Ill shoot him a FR.

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Have a look at Exotic - that's the kind of commitment it takes to become a Pro. Granted it may not be natural but that is what a Professional Bodybuilder looks like in my eyes Smile Yes 3

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I will certainly take a look! Thanks bro!

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I’d start with why you want a pro card in the first place. Not taking the piss but they don’t mean what they used to and it’s confusing as hell with all the different divisions. If you want a pro card you put your head down and do the work. If you want something easy and fast you do something else, why try to combine the two? I think that’s what you were after anyway…. I’d say easiest is to go masters though.

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I’ve been bodybuilding for 10+ years, good genetics, frame and everyone has always recommended I do a show. With work and fam - I never had the time to properly diet/prepare..but now I do. I’m in the gym 2 hours a day 6 days a week, I put my head down and hit the iron to get the PTSD out of my system - so far everyone agrees that I should go for classic physique since I have legs/sporty look (prior athlete).

I guess my predicament is since I just started using gear, obviously I can’t do al natural hence why I’m looking at shows such as NPC. I’m in this 150%.

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Not much money in natural body building
Im old what does pfc stand for lol

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Haha Army rank - Private First Class (rookie, cherry, new guy) lol.

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