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Hey guys,

I’m a veteran and get all of my bloodwork done at the VA hospital. Being that I’m partially disabled they pay for almost everything (all you vets that have never applied get off your asses and do it).

How would you go about asking for our specific blood tests we need without them raising a brow or asking a bunch of questions? I do get prescribed Viagra with my doc so maybe I can relate it to that.

Sorry for the dumb question but this has been sitting on my mind for a week.

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Thank you all for the input! Switch87 sent me this source that looks good as Tbone had mentioned. Thanks for your service brother @ Pxpxp!

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Discount code is like oct21. But look onling or email sign up and code shows.

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Just ask for a full panel on your next yearly check up. Testosterone may not be on there (it was not on mine), but for around 40 dollars, you can order your own. I was on cycle and my doctor didn’t say anything.

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Basic female hormone panel (test levels) is 70$? 80&?
You want to find the male reference ranges on a search and relate to those though

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Yeah I wouldn’t use the va hospital. Definitely pay for private blood work form the internet, ULTA labs, private med labs or the like. There’s a lot of info in the search bar here for what labs to get

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Private lab and pay out of pocket.
Cost may or may not be tax deductable.

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That’s what I’m thinking..what would that cost me?

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Look for discount coupons and order packages. Individual test will run more money.

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