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Blood test sources in the UK


Hi all,

Looking at getting bloods done prior to taking the plunge on cruising (possibly indefinitely) so looking for a good sources for comprehensive tests. There's loads out there that state they're the best, but looking for some recommendations from you guys if I can.

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Bloodlabuk - they the guys that be at the expos and cater to bodybuilders and will advise you based on your cycle and bloods. You can get regular testing with them and get advice on how you react to different compounds, dosages and if you need to be referred to a GP or other tests are required. They don't just do bloods.

Also as far as I know they are the only labe that do the LC/MS testing method outside of London.

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Great, thanks Zee. That’s what I’m after rather than just a simple testing site.. cheers dude

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Zee's The Man!!!

If you need any help with BTC platforms he's the Guru also!

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Haha Press may need your advice sometime on next cycle.

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Anytime buddy Mail 1

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I hope you live near one of the bigger cities mate as thats where a lot of them are, most are down in London if you do a quick search online. None are really better than the other, its more down to the level of Test you want and how many levels/parameters you want to check. Basic ones are a little less than a hundred up to several hundred for the comprehensive ones. In the words of LN 'Good Luck ......' lol

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You been here 8 year? And dont know blood sources?
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Why’s that relevant, and what’s it to you? Signed up ages ago just looking at advice. Whether i started a cycle or got bloods in that time is non of your business. Either contribute or keep shtum

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