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Taking 400 grams of test vs taking 800 the ramp up rate vs gains


I did a small 400 test cycle almost no sides next time thinking about running 400 T 200 deca or would I have the same gains as if I just ran 600_800mg of test would .
I like the idea of running lower doses of stuff but in theory could you build just as big of a body with just test with higher MG with out using different combos like tren,EQ,NNP and Test ?

We use combs to lower sides right and get different looks?

Wish I could explain it better the muscles only grow cause of more test the different combs just minic higher doses of test but with less or different sides

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Sorry, You are taking 400 mgs not grams correct? 400 grams would be 400,000 mgs of Testosterone. What do you mean by combs? Correct me if I am wrong I think you meant compounds?? I have only done a few cycles so far but usually the more compounds you add there is a greater possibility to get more side effects. This also depends on the type of compounds. EQ and NPP would generally be less harsh. Correct me if I am wrong but I remember seeing a study that 50, 75, 100, and 200 mgs of Testosterone per week was not that different as far as results. Good luck whatever your journey!!

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Yes I mean 400mg a week got lucky and it worked out great then I drop down to 60-80mgs a week. As I'm on TRT . I'm trying to figure out if I should do another 400- 500mg or add another . Cause do all muscle growing recipeor take test or are there some that will only take in EQ or NPP

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Ok so, w/o even reading all the other insightful comments yet, I had to jump in on this one. First and foremost I can only say that certain compounds will be more explosive as far as growth is concerned and that also will very based on the genetic response to AAS and the individual's AAS receptor sensitivity. I already burned my receptor sites via early use in my 20's and now being on TRT in my late 30's. The down regulation of these receptors will require higher doses to see comparable results, but let me stay on topic. You will be able to theoretically get some excellent gains from a synergistic effect of cycling paired complementary substances, and again it depends on what your goal is (mass, Cutting-prep phase?). I will leave you with this from my experience. Testosterone run at high doses for me has been the kick that burst me out of any mid cycle slump where my certain combo was not showing me fast enough gains, but again I have seen that the more times you run gear in your lifetime the less dramatic the "Gainz" or impressive growth. I saw some HUGE jumps on TEST DBOL DECA and similar like ANADROL but I am wiser now and older and can say I feel like the big boy jump up in mass is over for me and that It would have served me much better to control my BF% and be much more diciplined with my cardio and diet instead of just lifting weights in my tiny apt on house arrest for a year and going to checkers after every workout to eat 2 double bacon Big Bufords or Champ Burgers. Don't do the "Checker's Plan" unless your metabolically inclined to be a hard gainer. Sooo IDK maybe I didn't answer the question but hope this helps. JUST BASE off GOOD TESTOSTERONE in cycle as the center if your trying to still "Grow" new tissue or hypertrophy

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If its your second cycle ever you don’t need to add Deca or bump Test up. You could get away with another 400mg Test cycle like you did and get great results. Always take advantage of using as little gear as possible to make gains.

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Well it's my second cycle now 18 years. Ago I did a few heavy cycles and was more into power lifting .

I'm trying to keep the dosage the lowest I can while making gains. Slow and steady is what I'm looking for. My days of heavy lifting and trying to get huge are over. Now just look and feel while being old

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You are ONLY 39 years old!! What is it with this whole attitude on here that if I'm over 30 my lifting days are over, there is no point pushing hard anymore and I just have to make do with what little I can achieve? You should be pushing hard with ambitions/goals till at least 50 - No excuses ....

There is no such word as Defeat unless you are in a box in the ground.

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LOL... you think you're old. That's cute.

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Lol well I don't think I'm old just feel old joints are little wore out. Reason I prefer to go lighter and more reps 10-14 rep range than the joy of a heavy 2 or 3 rep sets .

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Blows my mind people keep thinking their gains are based off of how much AAS they pump into them. Dash 1

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I was on 400mg a week of test on a 2k a week diet training 7 days a week and gained nothing. Do you think if I up the test to a gram and change nothing else I will get swole? Should I add anavar and dbol, maybe tren?

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first it will depend on how many weeks. You need to let ppl know how long you r were on this 4 wks, 5, 10? the inj. test like cyp Enanth. will NOT show you "gains" for many weeks and that may not be as easy as it seems, also what if you are gaining muscle tissue and slightly losing some adipose, it is hard to say you gained ZERo but I get it, let's just assume you were on for 10 weeks and you didn't see the results you thought were expected. First make sure all other factors like Diet and training recovery and the proper training intensity frequency etc.... THEN if you know for sure that all of that was in order go OFF and next time you come back to the table smash and JAB 600 mg / wk, maybe this will let you know.. go by trial and error listen to your body and ONE LAST THING!!! Maybe the 2K calories is actually NOT a good place to be if you want to see muscle tissue hypertrophy that is significant while on AAS. I am thinking that if you eat well above your basal MR K Cals per day AND do enough serious training you may see the results

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So I need to eat more and train harder? What if I just add more test like 800 a week? I dont want to eat more and get fat. I thought the more steroids I take the bigger I will get?

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I didn't know the sbgh would raise locking up some of the test . I did order some prov for my next cycle. I know at 80 x2 a week it puts me right at the top of the TRT range I would to see the lowest dose to keep me in the middle range.

Yea no sides at 400 was great I took a Is Arimadex at .5 a week at first but it made me pee alot and feel like shit so I stopped that and stay off it till the very end cause I think I started holding a little more water

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I did run bloods test and everything is was good on I just ran my 4-5 weeks off bloods and those are good to I'm doing 40 mg a week of test for my TRT but that was too low so i jumped it up to 60mg which is seems to be a dose where I'm not totally crashed.

I keep almost all of the size gains but lost some strength about 20lbs off bench. And I'm sore the next day from the gym which sucks I like being not sore but could tell I worked the muscle .

That's what I was wondering is wondering do the receptors only take test or some will only take something else

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Chem professor explained receptors as keyholes and chems as the key....just to be very broad and visual. Some keys bind tighter which is binding affinity and can shove excess away basically til its excreted or finds another spot to bind or convert....

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OK that makes sense and kinda what I was thinking . But had no proof or information to back that up. I enjoy reading and trying to learn as much as I can so much has changed in the last 15 years . Since I was was into this.

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small 400 test cycle almost no sides

Was nice right? Did you run bloods to see exactly your bodies conversions and quality of test you used?

in theory could you build just as big of a body with just test with higher MG with out using different combos

A stack is your question. So heres my opinion....i ran low cycles for long time and did fine. As you mentioned, no sides. A stack can make good gains when food and gym are on point and NO i dont think it needs to be big untill....it has to...later down road.

Stacks can hit multiple receptors correct? And potentially unlock a new level of RECOVERY. I stressed recovery because thats really all gear is doing---repair. And it will always be dependant on you creating micro tears during the gym session, stretch the fascia by pump and you cannot recover without those macros in diet.

So to make that same level of test have more boom. SBGH and FREE TEST. As you went thru cycle your body slowly raises sbgh to get back to natty axis balance. So to unbind that bound/unuseable test look at your orals. I prefer var when using a cutting diet fir that stack plus lowering sbgh at tail end of cycle where its got 1-2 punch plus frees up the bound test. Winter bulking diet take a look at 25mg of provi tail end. (Var kills my appetite).

1-12 400 test
8-14 var 50 split am pm

1-12 400 test
6-14 provi 25mg

Whats your pct like? No recovery...lose the gains?

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Thank you I just ordered some provi a few weeks ago. So I'm glad you recommend that. I'm preparing to to start my next cycle January in the new year.

I'm going more for a recomp vs bulk .

So while I was on cycle I almost never felt sore after my body part work out but saw good gains while losing bf . Think i should push a little harder next time ?

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I'm going more for a recomp vs bulk