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What's up guys, Im interested to start REDACTED HGH, I'm not bodybuilder just trying to get the good shape so I have one question if someone can help me, that HGH came with 10 ui each vial is that possible to use only 2 ui and reuse the rest in the vial? What is the "safe dosage" to use HGH without TABOO? Thanks all!

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Yes you can use that same vial for like two weeks or more. And you can use almost any dose without using TABOO. That’s a myth. Maybe if your prediabetic, you’d want to watch out for it. Or even if your not, you should have a glucose monitor and check it periodically to make sure it’s not having a huge effect on your blood sugar. But there’s guys taking 10 ius+ with no insulin so your fine

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Thank you.

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