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+ 88 Recommended Doses for First Stacks AND more


These are some of my notes that I have put together in researching various compounds. The intent here is to give a dosage guideline for someone looking to incorporate a new compound into their stack. NO ONE SHOULD BE STACKING COMPOUNDS UNTIL THEY HAVE A THOROUGH UNDSTANDING OF HOW A TEST ONLY CYCLE AFFECTS THEM. So these recommendations are NOT for someone looking to do their first cycle but for users who are now past that and looking for something new to add. (End of disclaimer).

I have not used all of these compounds myself yet, but when I get to the point of incorporating them into a new stack, these are the dosages I am going to start with. These are starting doses and I am a proponent of starting with the minimum effective dose and adjusting upwards if need be. So these are starting points. If I have said anything that is way off base with these compounds let me know and I will edit. I am still learning too but from what I have gathered through my research this is the best I could come up with. Not going to deal with tren, so that is why it is missing in this discussion if you were wondering.


*(Pre-load your liver supps 2 wks before and for an additional 2 wks after taking.)


50mg/day split AM/PM Take throughout entire cycle except PCT.
Binds strongly to SHBG to help increase the amount of free testosterone in your body. Should be incorporated into every cycle because of this, especially with a cycle base that consists of a lower testosterone dose. Makes the test that you are taking more effective. Also has some slight AI properties but not enough to be used as the only AI during a cycle for most people. Great compound for TRT patients to take year round @25mg/day.


40mg/day 4 wk maximum duration
High aromatization rate. Not recommended to include in a first cycle since the high aromatization rate may make adjustments of AI somewhat tricky. Best to determine how susceptible you are to aromatization with a basic test e cycle first and once you know your optimum AI dosage you can add it into a later cycle.


50mg/d. If that is tolerated well you may want to bump it up to 100mg/d. The sides seem to outweigh the benefits once one goes above 100mg/d.
Anadrol is most efficient if pulsed. 2wks on 2 wks off. Could be ran for an entire 12 wk cycle when pulsed in this fashion. As always monitor sides and discontinue use or decrease dose if ran for entire cycle duration.

Turinabol (the gentle Dbol)

50mg/day 6wk maximum duration
If looking to incorporate an oral into your first cycle this may be a good choice. Does not aromatize so one does not have to be concerned about aromatization side effects. Also has SHBG lowering properties similiar to proviron.


75mg/day 8wk duration
Really only suited for cutting cycles and best used at the end of cycle when BF levels are low. May help promote lipolysis.


50mg/day 6wk duration
Winstrol is pretty much a “one-trick pony” and that is for cutting. Winstrol also helps to lower SHBG which well help to make your testosterone “more effective”. Drying out of joints seems to be a common side effect.

Oral Primobolan

100mg/day 8wk duration
Oral primo is not methylated and therefore would be less stressful on the liver.


Not for “recreational” users. Best used for contest prep or if a significant boost in strength/aggression is needed before a powerlifting meet.
Very powerful compound and highly toxic. Due to the extreme toxicity of this compound, its duration of use should only be up to a maximum of 3 weeks.
5-10mg to start out with to see if you can tolerate sides
20mg/d is often the max amount needed to elicit effects for bodybuilding purposes.


Not for “recreational” users. Best used for contest prep or if a significant boost in strength/aggression is needed before a powerlifting meet.
Very powerful compound and highly toxic. Due to the extreme toxicity of this compound, its duration of use should only be up to a maximum of 3 weeks. This compound will likely adversely affect your lipid values no matter what you are using for liver protection
500-750mcg is often all that is needed


20mg 4wks max
Not recommended for recreational users. Highly toxic. Can be used during a cut or bulk depending on diet.

Injectables – (test should be the base of all cycles)

Testosterone (Enanthate/cypionate)

Basic beginner cycle typically consists of 500mg/wk for 12wks. Even though it is longer ester it is best to pin it 2x weekly (Mon/Thurs) to maintain more stable blood levels.

Testosteron Propionate (Test p)

100-150mg EOD 8wk cycle (If going longer than 8 wks it may be more practical to switch over to a longer ester to minimize the amount of pinning) Beware of post injection pain (pip).
Shorter ester. Should be pinned at least every other day (EOD) to maintain stable blood levels. Good to use for kickstarting a cycle or finishing off a cycle to enter into PCT quicker than with test E/C.

Testosterone Phenylpropionate (TPP)

Can be used in place of test P if pip is problem.

Equipose (EQ)

600mg/wk 16 wk cycle
The longer EQ can be ran the better. 24 wk cycle would be ideal but only recommended for those on TRT (unless you want to end up on TRT for trying to run a cycle for this long).
Can help boost appetite. Increases RBC more dramatically than other AAS. Good practice is to donate blood during an EQ cycle to help keep hematocrit and RBC at healthy levels.

1-testosterone Cypionate (aka dihydroboldenone – DHB)

500mg/wk 12 wks minimum
Trenbolone without the side effects. Very versatile compound. Can be used for cutting or bulking.

Primobolan (Enanthate)

800mg/wk 16 wk duration
The “Cadillac” of cutters. The longer it can be ran the better.

Masteron (Enanthate)

400mg/wk 12wk duration
Effects are best seen on a cutting cycle with lower bodyfat. Can also be useful to incorporate into a bulker for estrogen control. Beware of crashing estro with low dose test cycles.

Masteron (propionate)

100mgs EOD

Deca Durabolin

400 mg/wk 12 wk min duration
Deca is very suppressive and my make for a more difficult recovery during PCT. Helps with joint lubrication. Good mass builder. Deca is 19-nor so one should have prolactin control on hand. To help avoid “Deca-dick” the test:deca should be at least 1.5:1.

Nandrolone Phenylpropionate (NPP)

100mg EOD 8 wk cycle
Faster acting Deca. Anecdotal reports that users of NPP retain less water than Deca. Can be used during cut or bulk. Just like Deca, initial runs should keep test higher or at least equal to help prevent libido problems.


Potential benefits

  1. No need for a PCT if doses and cycle lengths are kept reasonable
  2. High oral bioavailabilty but they are not toxic to the liver like most oral AAS
  3. Even low doses show anabolic responses
  4. Great for strength, gaining lean mass, and increasing endurance

I feel they are a great bridge between cycles to help maintain gains, build some additional mass and strip off some of the fat you may have gained during your cycle. Just like your AAS cycle, your diet will dictate whether your SARMS cycle is a mass gainer, recomp or cutter.
Can help with the “PCT blues”. I always seemed to feel much more upbeat and energetic while cycling them.

S4 – Andarine

50mg/day for 6-8 weeks if cutting. 4-6 hour half-life so split doses throughout the day.
Up to 75mg/day if going for a recomp. Best to slowly increase dose to see if vision side effects will occur. 5 on 2 off protocol if vision side effects occur.

S4 has the potential to be the most suppressive of the SARMS. Be aware that slight suppression may occur if ran at doses greater than 50mg/d for more than 4wks at time and will likely require some type of mini-PCT if doing so with some test boosters or something similar.

Good cutter (fat burner), not so much a mass builder but will help to maintain gains. Great for strength, hardness and vascularity. Can cause vision to have a yellow tint and make it real hard to drive at night. I actually experienced these vision effects so the recommendation if they occur is to go to a 5 on 2 off dosing protocol. This got rid of the vision side effects for me and still allowed me to reap the benefits of the S4.

Ostarine (MK 2866)

Men – up to 25mg/d
Women – up to 12.5mg/d
If cycles are done in 4 week bursts and doses don’t exceed 25mg/d, there should be no suppression. Longer durations may require some type of OTC mini-PCT.

Good strength and lean mass builder.

GW 501516

10-20mg/day split AM/PM for up to 12 weeks

Great endurance booster and fat burner.

Final thoughts on SARMS

I am up in the air on whether or not they are a good thing during PCT. They have the potential to cause slight suppression if dosed higher and taken for extended periods so if one is going to use them during PCT I would keep the dosing on the lower end and probably only use Ostarine or GW 501516 and not stack them.

Best time to run them in my opinion is between cycles and run them as a stack. By running an 8-12 week SARM cycle between your normal cycle you get to keep that “on” feeling and will be making more progress whether cutting or bulking than if you weren’t taking them. Just stack them at the above suggested doses for 8-12 weeks and then take a 3 week mini-PCT with some OTC test boosters and you should be good to go. Good way to pass the time between cycles.

Aromatase Inhibitors

The two most common aromatase inhibitors (AI) used while on cycle are aromasin and arimidex. To dial in your AI dose you should get bloodwork taken after the AAS you are using have reached peak steady state serum levels and you have been on your current AI for at least one or two weeks. This way you will know whether to dial the AI up or down a bit.


Typical dose for a moderate test cycle (500mg/wk) to control estrogen is 12.5mg ED. I have taken it at 25mg EOD and noticed it to be just as effective. Aromasin is a Type-1 (suicidal) inhibitor. You will not have any estrogen rebound from it. Many times it is ran during PCT at half of normal dose to help prevent this potential for estrogen rebound.
It will increase IGF-1 levels also.


Typical starting dose for a moderate test cycle (500mg/wk) is 0.25mg E3D.
Type II (reversible) AI. May experience rebound when quitting it, especially during high dosed test cycles.

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I love this info. Thank you!!

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I needed that info thanks man.

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Looking into my next cycle and trying to gather all the info I can. Thanks for the post.

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Another great read. Good dosing advice.

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Great post. Very informative and a great guideline for newbies.

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Great post, thanks for sharing.

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Im starting a 15 week cycle of parabolan(real stuff not fake, smells strong and gives me the tight chest pain every injection etctera), I know it takes 3 weeks for parabolan to kick in so i have started taking one 1.5ml shot every monday and friday so i have good levels. Im 2 weeks and 4 shots in on the parabolan, i just took a 400mg shot of equipose which i will be doing every week and i start working out next week (the day of my next equipose shot...with my parabolan as well at the same time of course). My goal is to have the parabolan kick in one week after i have begun working out and the EQ to catch up 2 weeks later so i don't get a huge wammy of strength and power thus ending up with a pulled muscle or something bad like that. Im getting to my question soon. My full 15 week cycle consists of 3-4 mls of parabolan @76mgs per ml, 1.6mls of equipose @ 250mgs per ml from week1-15 (not including frontloading) & Anadrol 25mg am 25mg in the pm weeks 1-5..maybe 6-7 with Nolvadex 25mgs everyday from day 1 till im done tue anadrol, then prami at week 2 as the tren hex will have kicked in by then @ 0.25-0.50mg twice a week or just 0.5-1mg once per week to deal with and prolactin sides from parabolan. So my question is, what should i do as far as dealing with the serm (nolva) as i know that once i stop then the estrogen sides start. Do i start taking aromasin one week before i end nolva as to simply destroy whatever estrogen was locked up by nolvadex or do i just keep taking nolvadex theoughout the entire 15 week cycle? Aromasin is an AI not a serm as you already know, so whats your advice? I don't want bitch tits from anadrol and i wont get any prolactin issues taking prami, so will aromasin deal with the ending of nolva? This is getting long, whats your suggestion please.

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A couple things here are raising red flags for me.

i start working out next week

So you haven't been working out previously to starting your cycle?

The other big question I have is how many previous cycles have you ran and what were they?

You have laid out alot of info here, but I still need a lot more before I can really be comfortable recommending something to you. What I would really recommend you do so we can make sure you are on the right track for a cycle is to post up a cycle log with the following info so we can make sure you are doing things safely and correctly. What you have going here may be all fine and dandy but a few things are making me worry that you may not be ready for this. Hopefully you will take my advice with the post below.

MagusEternal's picture ive been doing steriods for 15+ years. I just finished 3 months off from my last cycle. I'm 255, 6'0 and have never used "on cycle treatment" before to be 100% honest but have ever increasingly had to up my doses from begining to mid-intermediate range. Which means i gotta start using ancillaries. Its my first cycle with parabolan and the shit is damn strong. Ive used tren ace as a base for all my cycles and test prop or e or both ie t350 at a trt dose to keep estrogen to a minimal with other stack combos. I could say more but i think i made my point at" I've taken roids for 15+ years" not my first rodeo but definitly my first go at on cycle treatment and need some real advice because theirs a lot out their. I know nolva just holds back the estrogen but rebound is an issue. Aromasin is bloody expensive and i dont see how using it throughout a cycle could be benificial as its a suicide inhibitor but has its advantages. It can't be used throughout anyways because bottoming out my estro level is not good...thus nolva. So what do i do. If you have good advice that 100% cut and dry with no bullshit them I'll follow it. I know pct after a cycle but not "on"...all that much. Rebound sounds like a shitty deal and i don't want it. How does on cycle treatment work and please address my last post now that you know a bit more about my steriod usage. Much appreciated thx. Oh and what i ment by "i start working out next week" is that i finished my pct and have had to take a couple months off from screwimg up my rotator cuffs and some small muscle pulls etc. My last cycle was long and i beat the shit outta my body. Saving up for 5-6 boxes of HGH at 6-8 iu to deal with all that as i know I'll pull more shit in the future. I kmow 2-3iu could help the muscle pulls and joint issues but i want to mix it in with a cycle too...mayby half way through this Parabolan cycle.

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Awesome post, Every post I open I gather more and more knowledge. Thank you!

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man this answered a ton of questions and I learned a ton! well done!

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This post is perfect and answered multiple questions I had. Thank you!!!

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-Option 1:

WK 1-6: Dianabol 50mg/ed
WK 1-12: Deca-Durabolin 400mg/wk
WK 1-12: Testosterone-Enanthate or Testosterone-Cypionate 750mg/wk
WK 13-16: Testosterone-Propionate 100mg/eod

WK 17-20: PCT

PCT Protocol:

WK 1 (Day 1-10) HCG 1,000iu/ed
WK 2: Nolvadex 40mg/ed
WK 3: Nolvadex 40mg/ed
WK 4: Nolvadex 20mg/ed

-Option 2:

WK 1-4: Anadrol 50mg/ed
WK 1-12: Equipoise 400mg/wk
WK 1-12: Testosterone-Enanthate or Testosterone-Cypionate 750mg/wk
WK 13-16: Testosterone-Propionate 100mg/eod
WK 17-20: PCT

-PCT Protocol:

WK 1 (Day 1-10) HCG 1,000iu/ed
WK 2: Nolvadex 40mg/ed
WK 3: Nolvadex 40mg/ed
WK 4: Nolvadex 20mg/ed

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Clomid has always helped me recover from cycle better than Nolvadex. My test levels have always returned to high 600s with clomid and I couldn't even break 200 on nolvadex but I guess everyone's different

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Need more info but to start with I wouldn't recommend either of those cycles to anyone.

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OK .Could you tell me the cycles about yours ? Thank you .

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I am going to start my first cycle soon, and wondering what is your opinion on my layout. I have performed research on pct and ai and test dosages. I have only access to letro ai, which is what most concerns me. I do not know what is the best way to spread out the letro, and most people say not to use it on cycle, preferring exem or arim in its place. I do have access to pct.

wk 1-4: tbol x 25mg m-f
wk 1-12: test e x 400
wk 14-18: nolva 40/40/20/20 and clom 100/100/50/50

I am sorry my english is poor. I would like advices and your input if my cycle can be made better. If tbol is not good for first cycle I will not include it.

thank you

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Dump the tbol and stick with just the test e. To get the most help in setting up your cycle I would post your proposed cycle in the steroid cycle section. The more info you include the better.

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I posted it in the forum. I will not use tbol first cycle. thank you

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I've gone to many sites reading AAS and related profiles. Read the descriptions and profiles written by the "big names" and thought I had a decent grasp. Your post taught me more and gave me more ideas of what to research than whole websites of profiles.
Greatly appreciate the info!!

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good info not only for rookies

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I'm still fairly new also. Kudos for doing what I should have done before running my first came here and asked. I do just that now before making ANY decision involving AAS usage.
I, like an idiot, used Aromasin during my first cycle based on price, not research. Due to my inexperience, I wrongly perceived it as weak. Turns out, I'm prone to high estrogen levels naturally, but not so much to gynecomastia. I would have known this if I had followed the suggestions of more experienced users.
Just wanted to share my experience with Aromasin, one newbie to another. My only suggestion besides listening to the guys here would be to have plenty of nolva on hand just in case. Hope this helps!

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Luckily gyno gives you plenty of warning before it is truly too late.

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Enjoyed reading that, +2!

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the half life is aimidex is 48 hours. The dosing should be EOD not E3D

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Great advise for all newbies here. I think we need make this sticky

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@Makwa this is great advice man damn near blueprint.To what a cycle can be after your test only cycle has been done.I am defineltly going to go for the tbol with test for my second. Thanks for this makwa much appreciated.

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Im 54 and already on TRT. Im stocking up on Primo right now to run a longer cycle (combined with Sustanon (original pharma) 250mg/Wk and Deca 200mg/Wk (for joint health as my right shoulder is totally busted). In your opinion, do you think that 16-20 weeks 400mg/Wk of Primo is too long? In the past the longest I did was 8 weeks only. I thought that receptors will get saturated if you run ANY AS for longer than 2 months. But I never tried longer cycles in those 30+ years....

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It is not too long. I don't think you are going to get much out of 400mg of primo though.

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I did similar cycles in the past. I'm trying to put my age into the equation. Would you recommend 600 or even 800 mg/wk? I am definitely not a novice but I never shot larger quantities of AS in the past. Actually I did OK with moderate doses ( compared to today's standards ).
Also can you or anyone else comment on the receptor saturation problem.

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You could try 600mg. I wouldn't go any lower. I am doing 800mg right now and really liking it.

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Thanks for your response. Very appreciated

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Bro thanks for taking the time to write this up extremely helpful man.