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Powder HGH vs Liquid HGH????


Ok, guys, which do you prefer, powder or liquid HGH.
Last year I ran a seven month cycle of Liquid and I wasn’t so impressed with the results. I ran and split 3-5 iu per day for the duration of the cycle. Got all the right sides to believe it was real, and great recovery, although I don’t feel I got as much out of it as I did ten years ago running powder. Granted. I was 42 then and 52 now, and would like to blame my age, although friends, family, and coworkers are telling me that I look younger now than I did ten years ago. Made a lot of positive life changes since back then, but wrinkles disappearing from my face is undeniable. Muscle growth and body fat loss wasn’t impressive at all. My diet wasn’t horrible, but definitely a lot cleaner than ten years ago, so I’m a little concerned.

About to purchase another cycles worth, and wondering if I should go back to the powder as I see a lot of you pros sticking with the powder, and never hear about any of you running liquid.

NO, I didn’t run bloodwork, Rusty!!!!