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Help, looking for a legit place for Testo-c


Older Male 60, looking for a legit site to but Testo-c. Sorry, so confused with all the reviews, some say great and others sy scam for the same site...

Just want a place I can get TEsto-c on regular basis....


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JoeB? Older male? Joe Biden?

Click the E on the top left.

Choose between INTL or Domestic(US) they have options for EU, CA and Australia

Like black Tsi states, anyone in the top 3

If you’re in the US anyone in top 5 is good

Go on the source page from there and read reviews to see what suits you best. Good luck

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lol too funny Yes Joe Biden....


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Sourcing isn't allowed. The best anyone can do for you is to point you to the top rated vendors in whatever region of the world you're in and tell you to read the reviews. If they're in the top 10 they're probably a safe bet. But if you're really worried just stick to the top 3. You can always send a friend request to whatever vendor and ask any questions you have to help put your mind at ease.