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Donating blood on cycle


I recently donated blood with the Red Cross and got blood work done after but my hematocrit and RBC is still high. If I go through a smaller/different organization do they do the same testing as the Red Cross? I don’t know if they test the blood for drugs in the system or just diseases. Thanks for any and all feedback, even if this is a dumb question.

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Repeated phlebotomies are not healthy and will induce increased erythropoiesis by your body. If you really are having trouble with your RBC/Hemo/Hema being in range while on cycle you need;
1. Good cycle selection, some AAS increase EPO more than others
2. Get with a doctor and see if a ARB like Telmisartan would help out your possible hypertension, ARBs are the only thing I have seen really reduce this genetic predisposition to androgen increased EPO

good luck

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Very true pal, I've often heard that the momentary reduction in blood pressure is quickly increased again due to the body overcompensating for the blood loss and quickly replacing its lost blood reserves.

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I do not agree that the body overcompensates for blood loss. In my experience, I have seen that the hematocrit remains at the same level as after draining the blood. For some reason I can't donate blood and I have to do it myself at home. I have lowered the hematocrit several times from 56 or 54 to 49-50. Along with this, the pressure also dropped. It was 130/80 and now it's 123/75. I did not even cancel the cycle and drugs. Perhaps my case is individual, but I have found that a lowered hematocrit by blood drain does not rise again unless of course you are taking 10 different steroids.

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Glad you are staying on top of your health my friend.

The key words here is "repeated phlebotomies" with short duration between them. This guy just got a blood dump and his RBC is still high so that completely negates your last sentence as anecdotal.

I would also be very careful with at home IV / Phlebotomies.

1-2 blood donations per year is great for overall health and longevity but they are not a way to manage increased RBC on cycle for most people. I am realizing this is something that Eroids is a little behind on but the new therapy for polycythemia from androgens is ARBs like Telmisartan. Cheers friend.