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+ 1 Diminished effect or bad gear?


I have taken a few cycles and have seen great gains but the last cycle I ran of 200mg test e per week and 50mg tren a per day did not have the same effect of same dosage the year prior. Also didn’t have as bad of side effects. Has anyone else had diminished returns with the same dosage as they have gotten bigger or taken the same dosage repeatedly. Or am I getting watered down gear? Was from the same source diet was the same and workout was same amount with heavy weight. Strength did go up but I didn’t have the same feeling I had with prior cycles. Recomp was little to none was still watery with estrogen low and didn’t really loose any body fat. Previous cycles shredded me. Had elevated resting heart rate and some trouble sleeping but no night sweats and much more sleep than with the last cycle. Had caber on hand but never experienced inability to ejaculate like the previous times either.

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Don't know how close you are to your genetic potential but the further you get past your genetic potential the harder it becomes to add more muscle. Muscle is a liability and your body will fight you tooth and nail to put anymore on once you reach a certain level. We would all be 300lbs of lean muscle otherwise. Need to get more meticulous with diet and training and try new things to shock the body to grow. Same old same old isn't going to work anymore. 2lbs of quality mass on a cycle now is a win for me.

Since you have only done a few cycles though, I would be more inclined to say your diet and training wasn't up to par for what your body needed. Same diet and same workout is my first clue for your lack of results. If you are still running the same diet and workout routine as before you are not going to get very far. If you have gained more muscle, you need to be consistently eating more to sustain it and eating even more (1K+ calories) to grow. If you aren't actually logging your cals/macros and comparing to TDEE you are just pissing in the wind. Doing the same workout routine means the body has already adapted to that routine and it will not grow since there is no new stimulus forcing it to grow.

The easy way out is to blame it on the gear, but 99% of the time that is not the case. To confirm a gear related issue then you need bloodwork to confirm.

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Thanks for the information. Since you’ve done a lot of cycles when you are on does it give you the same “Superman” feeling as much as it did in the beginning?Do have same the side effects now as a few cycles ago with the same compounds?

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I never really got the superman feeling. Sometimes quite the opposite depending on what I am taking or how hard I am dieting. Sometimes I feel my worst while on cycle and can't wait for it to end. Prepping is absolutely brutal. I look my best but feel my worst. Many times it is a breath of fresh air to be just cruising on my TRT dose. That is often when I feel my best.

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That’s why I could never compete. Seems like it would ruin it for me. Lifting is my ME time. Where I workout and it’s all for myself. Makes me feel good and my mind and body are right. It’s feels good mentally and physically

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The end of my first tren cycle felt that way I was like man when is this shit going to be gone! But the beginning was barely any sleep and was dieting and I felt great couldn’t sit still was always jumping out of bed ready to go. The last one couldn’t get up in the morning was tired but getting more sleep than I should 7-8 hours while on of course and never felt like I can’t wait for this to be gone. But now that you mention the can’t wait for it to be over that was a feeling I do remember near the end of a few cycles.

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How’s your liver feeling? A fatty liver can cause a lot of the issues you’re experiencing. You keeping up with your milk thistle???

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Yes I take milk thistle and periodically fast while not on cycle to really clean out the liver.

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In terms of the gear you bought was it the same Lab you used again or a different one on each occasion? Something else I have found too is that if a lab changes their labels and the general presentation of their vials including flip caps etc then they often change the RAW's they use, often the RAW quality can be downgraded in order to increase profit margins once they have established a strong customer base initially.

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Was same gear but was a year apart and vial color was different. Didn’t think it was the gear but because of lack of blood work really have no idea. Just because side effects were minimal didn’t know if there was a tolerance effect anyone had experienced. I felt like Superman the previous cycle. Strength went up as normal but didn’t feel the same.

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If you went a year without using any aas, it would be almost like using for the first time.
With that in mind, me personally I would be thinking my gear is underdosed and be making arrangements to get my blood work done to nail down the issue.

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Your right just didn’t know if anyone else has seen an increase in tolerance with # of cycles.

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And I’m not that much bigger only 25lbs bigger and body fat is higher so it’s not 25 more pounds of muscle.

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High/higher body fat is a gains killer. Probably one of the root causes of your issue. Higher bodyfat results in less muscle growth and more aromatization and less effecient utilization of test.