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-1 Anavar (CENSORED) Side Effects?


Hi everybody,

Just started my Anavar cycle. I take 10-20mg per gym-day, usually after I eat something. I have noticed major gains in a matter of 5 days. I gained about 4lbs, my strength has vastly improved, I feel like I am burning fat etc. The side effects I've had so far have been minor, except for one. I get major heart palpitations and minor spasms in hear/chest area. I also drink coffee along my Anavar intake, if that matters.

Has anyone experienced this with Anavar during the first weeks, and has anyone used CENSORED products before? I couldn't find any reasonable info on them. However, the product is definitely not snake oil.

Other minor side effects:
Oily skin.
Slight metallic taste in mouth.
Slight Irritably.
Minor MPB, but I'm prone to that anyway.

I still think it's worth taking after I figure the heart situation out.

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Sounds like someone sold you DBol or Oral Tren. instead of Anavar. I’ve done Anavar several times, and never felt shit in the first week. Only two things I feel at the end of the first week are DBol and Oral Tren. Metal taste in the mouth is only common for me with Tren Ace. Never got that side from anything else.

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Tren E will give me a metal taste in my mouth sometimes.

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That shit gives me the creeps. Ran Tren E twice, from two different sources, and once the sides started, I was fucked. Never made it past four weeks. The night sweats were ridiculous. Had to wash my sheets every day after the third week. The rage was very hard to contain. Both times, I stopped at the beginning of week five, and the sides lasted for about another week. Tren E definitely kick my ass.

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If you run Trenbolone at a good dosage you are always going to sweat heavy most nights in your sleep when you hit REM stage, some nights I don't but I see that as a bad sign as it means I haven't hit some good long deep sleep where my metabolic state has gone into overdrive from the tren - or it means the tren is crap. I've come to the conclusion that it has very little to with the amount of carbohydrate in your body, and more to do with your hydration levels when you go to bed. If I have consumed a lot of fluid before bed then I will wake up with soaking clothes - t-shirt, boxers, sheets you name it. Tren just seems to want rid of any excess water within the body.

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First of all you're spinning your wheels with an oral only cycle. You're shutting down your natural testosterone production which will take quite some time to recover using a PCT and meanwhile your test levels are going to be crashed. Any "gains" from your Anavar will be gone.

Secondly, that does not sound like Anavar whatsoever. It's very mild at 10-20 mg (or even 50) and you wouldn't notice any insane gains.

These sides sound like they're from something else.

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Sounds like some good var Lol

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Lmfao I think he’s got 3, so you’re lucky…

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Me too but he made up for it by calling me a lunatic so that me feel better.

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Lucky! He only called me bitchy...I really got short changed on the insult.

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Ouch! Bitchy is rough. Bet that’s going to sting for a while. Or not.


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Haha. Long time. 10,000 calories. OMG! Bet you could heat your house and fuel your cars with the gas that must be coming out of your body. Hope you got your own bathroom in your house. Lol

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But he speaks 4 languages and has a interesting choice of insults. That’s got to count for something.

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That isn't anavar.

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Nope. Sounds like Dbol. Anavar gains does not come that quick.

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Usually they "fakers" put Turinabol or Stanozolol, but good old dbol is what really work in low dosages.

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Me thinks you are 20 not 30

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...are they really irrelevant?

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more than likely born in Oct of 2001

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The subject is age. eroids does not condone steroid use by minors. You are done here.

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I was thinking maybe dbol too. I'm taking it now and definitely feel like my heart is fluttering sometimes

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what do you think it could be? Dbol can produce that, but it is already a lot! without proteins and carbs apart.

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If you noticed major gains at 20mg a day in 5 days then you're not taking Anavar. You will not gain 4lbs in 5 days on 20mg of Anavar. On Dbol maybe.

Read the rules:
No brand names in the open forums

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You're not sure of shit. Anavar does not kick in and add 3lbs in 5 days. You could have just forgot to take a dump and drank a couple cups of water and gone up a few pounds.