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SARMs Advice, First time


Hi all,

To start off, I have been working out on and off for about 9 years, so I am pretty experienced with the gym. Had multiple personal trainers, nutritionists, etc.
This is my first time taking SARMs. I ordered from Osgear today, and I'm looking for some advice.
I'm a pretty big guy; I'm about 270 lbs and definitely heavier on the body fat. I'm looking to bulk and cut down. My order was:
RAD-140 50qt x 10mg
Ultima-Clomid 50qt x 50mg
Cardarine 90qt x 10mg
Ostarine 90qt x 15mg

I hoped to do a cycle of RAD-140 to bulk, then on the PCT for a while, and then the Card + Ost for my cut. Any tips or things I should look out for?
I want to keep my mass after my bulk but cut mainly for the fat. I've heard that SARMs are something that you must continuously cycle to keep your mass. If I plan on doing just this one cycle to bulk and cut down to an acceptable body fat + weight, is this a proper tactic?

Please let me know what you guys think, what I should do to prevent any side effects. I was thinking personally that the clomid doses might be too high, but like I said, I'm pretty new to this.


My objective isn't to look like Sam Sulek or anything. I simply just want to bulk back to where I was (and some, most likely), and then slim down to where I need to be.

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Unless you're 7' tall you probably don't need to be bulking @ 270 lbs. It would probably be smarter to find your maintenance calories and just eat quality food and train at maintenance in an attempt to lose fat an build some muscle. Most guys here aren't giant fans of sarms and will tell you to get some test and run an actual cycle. The amount of rad you have on the way isn't enough to do much with.

Last i heard you were taking 20mg every other day. So you've got 3 weeks worth. Cardarine is generally dosed at 20-25 mg so you've got 1.5 months worth of that. I don't remember what people were dosing ostarine at when i used it anymore but it was def higher than 15 mg/day.

Rad will increase your strength. But i never noticed any real lean gains from it. Cardarine is great for helping push your cardio endurance. I never noticed anything from the MK-2866. Out of everything you've got the only thing i'd bother with is the cardarine. I still use that intermittently when looking to push my cardio harder to lose some body fat. If you're dead set on using it all then 20 mg rad every other day, 20 mg cardarine on cardio days, 30mg ostarine every day.

But don't expect much from it other than some maybe causing you to push harder mentally because you think you're on something. Getting your diet and training in line and consistent would do far more for you than a small cycle of these things.

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Bulking at 270? But don’t want to be as big as same sulek, who’s like 240?….My brain hurts.

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So I'm sure this will get a lot of hate because sarms tend to from real gear users but before hoping on real gear (have run a couple of test only cycles and am currently on my first multi compound cycle) I experimented with a lot of different SARMs and loved them. I put on a decent amount of muscle from lgd yk11 and mk677. I think they have their use if your training and diet is on point. I also have ran rad, mk2866 (my favorite) and cardarine. The cutters did help maintain muscle while in a calorie deficit.

When you say heavier on the bf? How high are you talking?

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Right on. I agree with that, youll get much more benefit when your training and diet are on point.

Just wanted to share my experience because sarms get downed a lot. I ran sarms and had great success with putting on muscle in a bulk and holding onto it during a cut. They give a decent strength boost, stamina increase and muscle recovery.

Another thing is I virtually felt no negative sides from sarms and had bloods drawn while on them and they had almost no negative affects on any health markers. Slight increased alt/ast but no more than taking a some ibuprofens daily or drinking. This is my experience and not saying your body will react the same.

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Sarms advice. Dont use sarms. Focus on diet and training before messing with any PED’s. How old are you? You said you are gonna bulk at 270. Best advice is you should have seeked advice before dropping money. Good luck.

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No. And you will never look like anyone that body builds using SARMs. They all have side effects and are far less effective then steroids.

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