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Need help with understanding pinning


To begin with math were never my strength and i have got a bit confused regarding mg/ml so
Lets say i wanna pin Test E 250 mg
I have a 1ml syringe
Should this syringe fill the whole 1ml for me to get 250mg
Or fill 0.25ml to get 250mg
It might sound like a stupid question but i know 250mg=-0.25ml but in my research many say that 250mg of test e is 1ml(so a full syringe)
Please help thanks

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Sounds like you’ve got insulin syringes. If so, then a full needle would be 1ml, and will get you ten injections out of standard 10mil 250 mg bottle of test. Not really the best way to dose because the needle probably isn’t long enough to get deep enough to pin 1ml. Not to mention that you need some long ass fingers to plunge that much oil comfortably. Not saying you can’t do it, but anything over .5 mil with a slin pin gives me PIP or a shitty ass feeling arm for two days, Lol. Everyone is different though.

My syringe of choice is a 3mil 25 gauge 1 1/2”.
For glutes and larger volume shots, I prefer a 3mil 23 gauge 1 1/2”. Much quicker to inject, especially when using thicker oils

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I saw this post and thought " This guy is about to get roasted". I'm so pleasantly surprised that members were so helpful...Gives me that warm fuzzy feeling in the bottom of my feet and in my balls.

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I have warm fuzzy balls too... they're hanging from my wife's rear-view mirror.

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I normal use 3ml Syringes.

10 ml in a vial - so 10 times 1ml injections that deliver 250 mg of active steroid.

If you have a 1 ml syringe fill it to the 1ml ie all the way up to receive 250 mg dose

If you use a 3ml syringe you would fill to the first 1ml because it’s much bigger.

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Ok so if my Test E is 10ml 250mg/ml and i wanna pin 500mg per week it means 2ml per week so it lasts around 5weeks right?

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It will state on the vial or ampule, however many mg per ml. In your case, it's usually 250mg per ml. Which means in order to get 250mg, you will need to draw and pin 1ml.

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Ok so if my Test E is 10ml 250mg/ml and i wanna pin 500mg per week it means 2ml per week so it lasts around 5weeks right?

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Roughly 5 weeks give or take a week due to oil loss in needle per injection. I would advise splitting up the 2ml between two shots a week.1ml Mon/ 1ml Thurs would be sufficient and will keep blood steady, rotate injection sites to prevent scar tissue buildup over time. Also, i suggest having everything you will need in your possession prior to starting anything. This includes AI and PCT compounds. Plan it and plan it well from beginning to end. Pre/Mid/Post cycle bloods are also highly recommended so that you are aware of your own personal health. Bloods will tell you issues that might arise and will keep you from having to guess what the issue stems from. "Do it right, or don't do it at all" a wise man once told me

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^^^^ so vital