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+ 4 HGH and natural production.


Been researching for months and started my first HGH run this month. There’s one topic I can’t get a clear answer Heck maybe theres not a cut and dry answer.

I read that when you start HGH your natural production stops at that point until you quit taking HGH.

Then some people say your natural pulses just stop for 4-6 hours after injection and then start back. For example take an once a day morning HGH injection and that night your natural pulse works as normal.

The some people say once you take a injection its 12 hours before your natural pulse kicks back in.

Anyone care to offer feedback?


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This is actually a very good question, I've wondered myself about this.... I recalled someone preferring to shoot your GH in the morning and Early evening because the body would pulse the most while you sleep so shooting it bedtime was not efficient... I want to say Dave Palumbo if I remember. I know you will get shut down temporarily but how long i do not know. @Bearded_muscle has a very good explanation and has opinions I believe are valuable. One of us that knows there baseline should do this expirement, run igf-1+ serum GH levels find out baseline, hope on GH for a week test again and then test 24-36 hrs again off GH

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I'm not sure either but good topic. Some info to share since your header says natural production.

According to research these are great supplements to enhance your own natural production

Arginine is good
Arginine + lysine. Best. According to an older study
Gaba is very good
Creatine, decent
Ornithine, decent
Glutamine 2 grams, +78% increase very good

Obviously less sugar intake, less body fat, aerobic exercise, fasting, more sleep, melatonin

Although my reply doesn't have much to do with your topic or what you're asking I just wanted to share and I figured this was a good opportunity

You can Google any of these and they are just different ways that you can get your own natural production enhanced


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I've always read your natural production is shut down for at least 24 hours post injection, this is why guys like to take it before bed time as it mimics your bodies own natural HGH secretion or as close to it as you can get. But its not like steroids where its shut down for weeks or months afterwards as such.

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i was always under the bro science assumption if you’re splitting doses to hit your first dose in the morning and your second dose in the afternoon so by bedtime your natural production kicks back in while you sleep. that’s what i’ve been doing the past several months.

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Yes mate me too

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Natural production is shut down for at least 24 hours, probably closer to 36.

We have studies showing shots taken 4-6 hours prior to bed and your natural nighttime pulse basically goes to zero.

If you’re running 2 iu take it before bed, we see better utilization and igf1 conversion pre bed which makes sense because that’s when we’d be producing the most naturally so the body is really primed to use it.

If taking more than 2 iu split doses half first thing in the morning and half before bed, or half pre/post workout and half before bed.

We know that after cessation of gh therapy patients regain their natural levels generally within the first week. So your natty production bounces back pretty quick, but don’t think that if you take an AM shot you’ll still get a natural PM pulse.

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This is good info. I've never saw those studies but I take your word. And night injects would be as natural as it is.

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Just looking at the dose in study I refer back to what my TRT Dr said to me.

One average size dose (1iu to 4iu) a day maybe 12hr plus for average person to reset back to a decent degree of natural production could be realistic possibly .

By that he didn’t say back to 100% levels at 12hr. Could just be 75% normal for example..

That said, two or more doses a day 24+ hours makes sense for sure.

Note that is for the average person maybe some alot faster and some alot slower depending on Genetics, age and overall health of each person.

Will keep looking for more studies would be nice to have several to compare and contrast test results.

Awesome feedback from everyone appreciate the responses!

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It makes sense to me. Apparently this is something that we weren't sure about either so thank you for this post.

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Good info thanks --

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Now you have me curious. I would think that once GH or another hormone is introduced into the body then the body would shut down natural production of that hormone eventually. I've never heard that natural GH pulses stop for 4-6 hours then recover. Lol alot of it has to do with bro science too.

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I asked my trt doctor and he’s a specialist.

Even he was back and forth a-little. He didn't believe it shut down from one or two dose a day. The natural pulse temp shut off after injection for a period of time based upon each person.

I just assumed you took HGH and it shut you totally down like taking test. He said its not the same action with hgh?

Just thinking for example maybe you take 3 IU morning and then natural rest of afternoon/night?

Interesting anyway would just to learn more and this topic is hard to get a B/W solid answer on .

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I follow you. That's interesting