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+ 1 Advice/help BPC 157 shoulder pain


Hi everybody
I would like to get advice and know if BPC-157 has worked for you guys in shoulder pain, i have been having this issue for already a year and im considering to hop on bpc im new in this gear world. I have already got checked and went to physical therapy but it hasn't got any better. I got an ultrasound and the only good thing is that my rotator cuff is not fucked up, but the pain remains there and it hurts bad when i do certain movements
Is bpc 157 a good option?

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I’ve had success with BPC and shoulder pain. Also combined it with TB 500 and HGH. Two months in and probably 90% better. I found that site specific injections were more effective as well. You should know if it’s working within 2 or 3 weeks with some relief at least.

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Yeah im planning to start only with BPC and see how it goes and maybe i will mix it with TB

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Some Guy wrote this a while back all about Tendons and supplements that help them:


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I have a torn rotator cuff and I just started bpc at a low dose earlier this week and it's starting to help for sure. First thing I noticed was more motility in my arm with much less pinching. I still need to bring up the dose.

My advice tho is to do all the other stuff that your physical therapist would want. Do those exercises and drink lots of bone broth, take glycine and of course the bpc. This should get you going.

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Alright thanks