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+ 1 Guys doing weird stuff at the gym


Every gym has one of these. I recorded this guy today...


Got any similar to share?

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Guys who treat the rubber ends of the rope pull down like a speed bag but clearly don't box at all...that's a common one I see and it's cringe. Even if you do box please don't do that.

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I saw an older guy with his whole locker stuffed from top to bottom with clean towels. Stopped me in my tracks for a moment to admire the madness

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I watched a skinny runt take up the dip station just before I was going to move there after tricep extensions (cables/rope BTW LOL) and was pissed off already, he had a gym bag fit for overseas deployment and a 15kg kettle bell with him. The guy pulls a complete rock climbing harness and takes so much time getting into it that I have already completed 4 sets of press down and press out positions. The kid is clearly going to attach this 15kg kettle bell to the harness, so interest has me, I am wondering how he is even going to do a unassisted dip, let alone 15kg weighted. Sure enough, he attaches the 15kg kettle bell, with some difficulty I can state and it actually slows down my last set as I am trying to see if this guy really does this set or not (I mean praises to him if he does and more fool me for judging him on size). The kid takes up my entire 5th set trying to climb into position for dips, his arms shake a bit and he jumps off the station, putting all his kit back in the massive bag and fucked off. To his credit, he did put the kettle bell away. I made my dip station right on time.

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Sounds like a crossfitter Lol

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Looks like we have a crossfitter in the room here ROFL

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I love shit like this. I’ve got A membership at Planet Fitness. Not to work out there but I go there on Tuesday (pizza night) right after I finish my workout at Golds. Just to eat Pizza and watch the freak show take place. I’ve seen unimaginable exercises there. And there’s A group of old guys there (they might be a gang) that wear the shortest shorts they can find so that their balls are exposed during the strange exercises.

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Do they walk around Farting too Tron??! LOL

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exercising to jerk off.

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Lol, it's always the cables

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The cables do bring out the weirdos for sure.