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How long does anavar stay in system


How long does Anavar stay in your system if only taking 10mg a day? I have a competition that does test for steroids. I see 3 weeks, but is that the same for only 10 mg a day or is that just a general rule?

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The half life of Anavar is 8 hrs. So if your taking it every day at ten mg it's out of your system in two days. The question is what markers do they test for. I mean if you have 10 mg in the morning then 8 hrs later you have 5 and 8 hrs after that you have 2.5 and 8 hrs later you have 1.25 so the next day you take 10 more you now have 11.25mg in your system and the process starts over. So all you have to do is go a couple days without taking anything and it should be clear. This is dependent on what markers they test for.

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Perfect. Thanks!

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Some contests do lie detector tests also. You probably knew that but I just learned it the other day.

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Interesting. Yeah I know mine don't. Weird...

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She is correct some do lie detectors as Well but it usually will state that they do them along next to the drug test that is mandatory