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+ 1 What got you into AS?


What got you into AS? For me I guess it all started a couple of years ago when my old dad died.I had watched him fall apart as the ravages of old age took him bit by bit. First his hearing, then his sight and finally his mind. This happened fairly quickly over about 4-5 years. He was only just into his 70’s but looked like he could have been a hundred years old. That’s life I guess and most of us have to deal with this shit at some time. Anyway I get to thinking WTF! Is this my lot? Is this what I’ve got to look forward to? I have always trained hard and worked hard. But I have also partied hard as well. I had never even considered taking AS in my life. It was getting harder and harder to make gains and keep them and age is starting to show. I’m lucky at 49 years old I look more like I’m in my thirties and my physique would put most 20 year olds to shame. But you can tell when time is catching up on you not to mention the libido dropping. So I start trawling the internet. All I can find is TRT stuff but it’s all abroad mainly in the US. I get ripped off a time or two with supplements before I realize that that’s a pile of crap. There didn’t seem to be a cat’s chance in hell of getting any help in the UK. So stuff this for a lark I’ll find some testosterone on the internet and start self medicating. So like a dumb fuck not having a clue what I am doing that’s what I start to do. It was only when I was looking through a suppliers website that I found a link to Eroids. Well next thing I stumble into one of the Eroids forums. Wow look at all this shit. People asking questions and getting answers. I can hardly believe my luck. So here goes dumb fuck moment number two. I’ll start asking questions myself, no thought of doing any research coz I’m that exited I can barely contain myself. I get a mild flaming from one of the vets (can’t blame him dumb fuck deserved it) and then start to consider my questions a bit more. And then comes my lucky break TreadM spots this silly old bastard and saves him from himself. I can’t even describe how lucky I feel to have found this forum and in particular Tread for all he has done for me. A guy I have never met in my life has done more to help me then any fucker I have ever met in my life and he keeps on doing it again and again with more and more people. The guy is a freakin saint! Well now it’s clean living. Party animal has pretty much gone save having a drink one day a week on my cheat day. My goals are to get to 195 and lean. It feels like a good place to be if I can keep training hard and have the strength to care of myself into my old age I’ll be happy with that. Not much of a goal compared to some of you guys but I’m trying to be realistic and use my brain. That’s pretty much my story. So what’s yours?

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I'm 54 and I've lifted all my life and have taken or tried every supp from smilax to dhea, hmb, and andro (remember that shit lol). Five years ago I started competing in bench meets and have six wins in the Masters division. I started on my gear journey by researching otc test boosters. After trying many with little or no results I found my way to pro hormones by accident really. I had no idea you could by these things legally. I tried hdrol with disasterous effects (dried my joints out horribly) Got my Google on again and found the aas forums. Light bulb time again lol. I joined a few, got active and even scored my first pinning cycle online and got my bench to a double bw (365 raw at 182) but the biggest advance for me was finding eroids. Most forums preclude you from talking about almost anything that could help you make an informed decision on sources. That is not the case here and the members should be very grateful to the Mods and admins. Aas use is all about trial and error, training and diet, trust and truth and we all need to share our results or lack there of. I have reached goals I never thought possible at my age and I owe a lot of that to these pages.

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Thanks Dr. That means a lot to me. So new to this game I don't have a lot of personal experience that I can hand on to others yet. To get a compliment from a vet feels good even if it is for a write that asks questions rather than answer them. Thank you


tear in the eye time from me,touching bro very touching,glad everything is working out for you enjoy your NEW LIFE,all the best from valhala man..

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That's easy...not wanting to get my head knocked off by some 18st Maori on a Rugby League field (sporting performance in other words).