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So I got some 25g 1in. syringes off of Amazon, just noticed I’m running kinda low. It’s an off brand Chinese based company. They seem like good quality and haven’t had any issues with them. I was just wondering if brands or the USA made ones are all the same and just stick to the brand I already got? They’re the luer lock style where you twist them on btw. Just wanted some opinions and where to get the hospital grade stuff or stick to Amazon. Thanks!

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I need to find a new supplier (other than Amazing). It's like a crap shoot of sharpness. Toward the bottom of the box I've noticed a dullness. Not sure if that's a coincidence or by asshole design, but some times trying to just penetrate my skin hurts like a mahfukker. Then sliding it in is like ow ow ow ow ow owwwww. No Homo. It makes pinning a lottery.

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I used needles, bac water, other health oriented products. Been around a long time.

Don’t worry there’s no source here.

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BD 25g x 1inch and 1.5in exclusively for glutes luer lock a 100ct box for $19.99-$21 tops (used to be $14.99/box at one point) each box at various local pharmacy in my area. Even big chain pharmacies like WalReds or pharmacy inside grocery stores like Targght sell em no questions asked (my area at least) I usually pre-order 2-3 boxes ahead of time and pick em up. 23g for drawing, 25 pinning. Luer Locks a must cause it sucks wasting 2 amps of pharma primo with some pharma testp...oil so thick and the "slip on" needles have failed me two times too many and never again, but to each his own though and as long as it works for YOU...Do your thing and rock on.

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BD is the smoothest, best brand on the market today! The have 80% of the market share in hospitals…there’s a good reason for that. +1

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Usually i pickup from medical supply sites and buy in bulk. Unless I'm buying from the supplier on Amazon and get a good price. Most of the time I use 25g 1 inch pins. If I'm fairly lean and and not pinning more than .5ml then I will do 27g 1/2 inch pins shallow IM. I no longer do Sub Q as I run out of sites. I draw and inject with the same needle. I have the time and patience lol.

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Some medical supply sites are quite inexpensive & offer free shipping. Like Press said, the quality and reliability is better through a source like that. I also agree that the locks aren’t necessary, unless you simply prefer them.

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In my experience you are better off ordering from the companies that only stock medical supplies for barrels and needles, the one time I have done Ebay I got a real load of crap even though they said they were used in Hospitals lol. It is worth paying a little extra for quality sharp needles that pierce, draw and glide in easily as well as barrels where the plungers are not overly tight or stick. My trusted brands are Terumo or BD, I like Terumo barrels with BD Microfine needles.

Also mate it sounds like you have fallen into the trap that I did in the beginning where you assume you need the Luer Lock version to make sure the needle doesn't harpoon off the end when pushing thick oils!! Not so, these are so much more expensive than the regular Luer Slip version with the smooth end. You just have to know how to use them right - Simply turn and push down simultaneously on the needle as though you are screwing the needle down on the end. You will reach a point where it turns no more and sinks in tight!! I have never had one come off when doing it this way as opposed to when I just thought you pushed them onto the end Lol

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It literally fires like a Tranquiliser dart into the quad and always manages to hit a nerve when doing so LMAO But yeah the pure heartbreak of losing all that oil pissing down your leg is way worse!

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I think all the same I just got a box of 23gauge one inch I'm going up from what I generally use 25gauge one inch
I get mine from Amazon as well

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You notice any significant difference in speed when drawing oil into the 23g?

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A Green 21G is your ideal needle size for drawing oil mate, doesn't smash the stopper in and is much quicker than a 23G Blue I find. I like the short 5/8 21G's if your place stocks them.

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Do yourself a huge favor and get a 18-20 gauge needle for drawing then swap over to your 23-25g I use a 16g for draw but that’s a bit much…never pin yourself with the dart you draw with as soon as that pin hits the rubber you’ve already dulled it up…it’s really a big difference

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Yes it's much quicker with a 23

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