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+ 1 Post pct bloods help please


Can anyone give advice, low libido and general lethargy any advice appreciated

Follicle Stimulating Hormone 1.6u/l

Prolactin 290 mIU/l

Free Androgen Index 74.6

Luteinising Hormone 9.8 u/l

Testosterone 29.10 nmol/l

Sex Hormone Binding Globulin 39 nmol/l

Oestradiol 101.0 pmol/l

Progesterone 0.57 pmol/l

Should have said:

About 14% bf

1st cycle no bloods taken prior, I know I should have but didn’t. Ran 500mg test cyp for 13 weeks, 18.75mg asin per week.
Last pin 29th July, started Nolva 10 days after and ran for 4 weeks 40/20/20/20 with 12.5mg asin per week.

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Back again -- had a good few days there after the asin. Not sure if it was just a coincidence tho or if I’m reading into it too much.
Back to how I was last week, pretty much lost all wood and neck has broke out again with spots and a small cyst, would you guys say my prolactin is high and it along with the high progesterone could be causing the above issues?
I’m aware the advice is to wait but f#ck me it feels like this is never ending and getting to me bad now.

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As someone who is new to this world, I want to say this is an awesome thread. Thanks for sharing. This will help me a lot in prepping for my first cycle/pct in a couple months. Just waiting for the rest of the gear to arrive and for my schedule to clear up so I can maximize my time efficiently.

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It’s been a whirlwind bud. Jesus I felt great on, deffo realising I could have been a lot smarter but we live and learn. When I say I felt great I mean GREAT my wife still talks about how it was the happiest she has seen me in years.
I’m slowly finding out as much as I thought I prepared for the mental and hormonal side it’s been a lot harder (personally) than I expected. It’s to the point now my wife is actually checking in on me because I just can’t seem to get back to how I was even before.
Deffo research and listen to other guys, prepare yourself the best you can and keep everything consistent. Certainly not trying to put you off I I loved every second of it and how my body changed but be prepared the other side can be messy.
Good luck on your cycle bro and look forward to the results!

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Thanks for the follow up bro. Yea I know there is deff two sides to this. I have a small support system and a buddy that Ill be doing this with. We both started our TRT at the same time and will be doing our cycles together. Im going to prepare mentally as much as I can, but I guess we can only prepare so much. It will deff be a learning experience. I appreciate you keeping us in the loop and look forward to any other updates. Stay strong brother.

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Ypu didnt do pct because youvstarted when still on cycle, it just upped testo.
Also, Nolv is active for over 3 months, v long half life

Your cascade is all messed up.

Get some viagra, clear ur system, take bloods again.

You need to let your system settle before doing bloods.

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I agree completely with this.

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How long after you finished PCT did you have bloods drawn?

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2 weeks, probably too short

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So you last pin you said was the 29th of July and then you got bloods 2 weeks after. Like M said above that is way to early those half lives compound over time and it takes a while to get out of system now I see why you still had high test. Should get it done now to give you a real answer to where you are at

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No these bloods are from Monday 19/09 around 7 weeks after last pin and about 2 weeks after pct

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You waited long enough after cycle then and your test is above normal which is good even two weeks after PCT.

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Yep, 2 wks is to short of a time frame. I expected that seeing the abnormally high LH and test levels. Nolva primarily influences LH. If you were also taking clomid I would expect elevated FSH also. Need to wait at least a month before testing to be sure your bloods aren't being influenced by PCT meds since they have a long half life. 6 weeks would probably be better. Need to retest in a couple more weeks to really see what is going on and whether or not you have recovered. This just basically shows your nolva is legit. You have no idea yet if you have recovered or not.

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Your testosterone is still over normal values. Get DHEA and pregnenolone tested those cause Brian fog and lethargic feelings. It can happen when using test but mainly for people on TRT who don't add HCG to it.

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You just finished pct.....keep on your healthy diet. Coming off cycle will leave ta a bit off. On cycle hitting 3x or more normal ranges....part of recovery.

Look up Gothic7 i finished my cycle now what.

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Thanks for the reply man, felt great for a few weeks then went down hill.

1st cycle and thought I had prepped for the down when coming off but didn’t think would hit so hard.

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Did you run the clomid nolva pct? Also if estro/prolactin is high going into pct it causes a negative feedback loop halting the pct from being as effective. Example is dropping ai at last pin the e2 has a chance to rebound as long test esters keep doing their thing.

Its all learning! Take notes...time off....try again Smile

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Just Nolva no clomid, ran ai through pct and actually just took 12.5mg asin as I thought my e2 seemed high from what I’ve read (I think that I was wrong and shouldn’t have taken it)

You are absolutely right, I thought I had researched as much as I could but I missed a lot and have certainly learnt a lot and very much still learning.

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Proper PCT requires Clomid, nolva and HCG imo. Seen many guys use this who wanted to have kids after being on for years straight an it worked. Though it took months to get back to normal. I think around 5 months my one buddy was back to a so called normal range to be able to have kids. This was two plus years of cycles. Also you are always going to feel different after having all that test and then not, it does affect you mentally as well.

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Thankfully that’s not a concern for me as I have kids and have no plans for more, obviously this isn’t a reason not to care however.

The more I read the more I realise I could have done more things to help when coming off but that’s for next time.

I am starting to think it is slightly more mental than hormonal however there are some things that still need to balance out, I guess my only way is time. Appreciate the replies from all you guys with experience as it is reassuring