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+ 1 Sarms group and source subscription notification


Was browsing through the old internets trying to get some knowledge on sarms and realized, we don't have a sarms group here. Might not be a bad idea to add sarms to the peptides group, we could get some profiles going.

For the sources, maybe a subscription notice a few days before expiration or just a stamp somewhere that shows us when we're about to expire.

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I can add Serms and Research Chems to the forums. Sub notifications are sent to your registered email a week before @UncleYoked

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eh, who checks those things, amirite!?
I nominate FlemDaddy for sub mod, dude is very knowledgeable about his sarms

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Ide be glad to help anyone with information with SARMs. I have A LOT of knowledge on them and would love to help anyone with questions. And I'm not selling anything so I have.no reason to give you bad information.

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I was thinking about you when I wrote this.
Maybe sarms, peptides and research chemicals. That should cover the lot. I'm picking up some sr9011 just to give it a gander

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Yeah I don't know how to write forums or anything but ide love to help because there is a lot of false information spread about SARMs online. But I do not have a lot of experience with peptides, I know Makwa has experience with some peptides. And as far as the research chems I feel like your speaking about nootropics maybe? I don't have experience with them either but some nootropics are almost like similar to drugs and I'm not sure if we can talk about that in here, they aren't controlled substances but idk what they would allow so I think only certain nootropics can be mentioned. And sr9011 is kind of similar to cardarine sort of. Stay away from sr9009 because it has very bad oral bioavailability, sr9011 is like an improved version of sr9009 because of the bioavailability issue and has small improvements also to make it better. I also think that a lot of people can benefit if I can find the scientific evidence of how rad 140 can shrink prostate size because everybody knows peds mess with your prostate over time.

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research chems just cover everything else, SR would fall under that category since it's not a peptide or a sarm. I didn't know that about Rad, nice info. I got some SR9011 on the way