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+ 1 Winter Bulker - HGH for Skin


Starting Weight: 83kg - Raised up to 93kg by diet alone from shown pics, 5kg water weight first 48-hours.
Height: 5'10"
Waist: 34"
BF: Below 15%

Goal is 100kg lean body mass at the end of 16-weeks.

Sixteen weeks Nandralone/Test
Eight weeks d-bol
Close cycle with Halotestin or Anavar = pending liver profile and progress (profile was good, but that was about two months ago, so same standard... will need new tests)
HGH 4iu daily

Ultima Deca 500 by
I had no faith in the Ultima Pharma Deca 500 and the lab has three times blanked me on test reports, so I have set it aside until I can get testing. The source is standing behind me all the way, offering to pay test costs (assuming I am even right about the product), so I am setting this one aside and going with:

Para Pharma, Deca 300 by I have both order and promotion from TR, so there is plenty on hand for a nice 16-week cycle.
Test E 400 by
Dianbol 20;s by by
HGH Paratropion by
I will be using Para Pharma Arimidex as needed. Have Para Pharma T3 also, likely run 25mcg daily due to running a 19-nor.

Deca/Test is pretty cookie cutter, I had a bad experience on my planned deca, so pulled the plug on the cycle and rested another month or two while stocking a new lab. The test is a new line, but I have used plenty of dragon pharma and it has always been good, no concerns on this one. The d-bol, I was running in the early summer before I had to switch to a cutter, so it is already proven.

HGH is a brand new item for me, so I am just running it for skin rejuvenation. My pics show wrinkling in the belly that I can't stand, or don't want to stand, so I am going to find out first hand how it works for anti-aging. I am going to run 6-months, same product, same source and really see how this item works. I even bought a special fridge for it to make sure it is safe, undisturbed and away from food items.

Diet is at 2500 calories daily, going up by 750 when weight gain stops.
I will not be running any fat burners during this cycle. Because of the high level of 19-nor, I may supp 25mcg t3 down the road, but I want to see how this goes. Should have bloods to post for the HGH and IGF-1 levels soon, have requested, just waiting on date.

Week/ProductTestosterone EnanthateNandrolone Decanoate DianabolParatropin HGH
1800mg M/F (400/400)400mg M/F (200/200)40mg ED pre-workout1iu mornings
2800mg M/F (400/400)400mg M/F (200/200)40mg ED pre-workout4iu 2am 2pm
3800mg M/F (400/400)400mg M/F (200/200)40mg ED pre-workout4iu 2am 2pm
4800mg M/F (400/400)400mg M/F (200/200)40mg ED pre-workout4iu 2am 2pm
5800mg M/F (400/400)400mg M/F (200/200)40mg ED pre-workout4iu 2am 2pm
6800mg M/F (400/400)400mg M/F (200/200)40mg ED pre-workout4iu 2am 2pm
7800mg M/F (400/400)400mg M/F (200/200)40mg ED pre-workout4iu 2am 2pm
8800mg M/F (400/400)400mg M/F (200/200)40mg ED pre-workout4iu 2am 2pm
9800mg M/F (400/400)400mg M/F (200/200)4iu 2am 2pm
10800mg M/F (400/400)400mg M/F (200/200)4iu 2am 2pm
11800mg M/F (400/400)400mg M/F (200/200)4iu 2am 2pm
12800mg M/F (400/400)400mg M/F (200/200)4iu 2am 2pm
13800mg M/F (400/400)400mg M/F (200/200)4iu 2am 2pm
14800mg M/F (400/400)400mg M/F (200/200)4iu 2am 2pm
15800mg M/F (400/400)400mg M/F (200/200)4iu 2am 2pm
16800mg M/F (400/400)400mg M/F (200/200)4iu 2am 2pm
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Well, three and a half months later, I will be getting to this cycle, finally. Replacement Deca took a trip through customs before getting here, but still landed... least ways, someone opened it in its months long journey. Domestic issues led to some more delay, so I ended up with my five months rest anyhow. Started Para Pharma Deca and Dragon Pharma Test with Para Pharma HG today. Only up 2kg from three months ago plans, but cannot say any of that is muscle. Here goes!

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I really don't see the need to be running 800mg of Deca. I would cut that in half. Going for a bulk I would run the dbol as a kick and finisher and forget about the var/halo. Halo will put zero mass on you and dbol is more suited for your goals.

1 or 2 iu's of growth is essentially a replacement dose. I would bump that up to 4iu+ as quickly as possible. That will also help you to stay lean during your bulk.

With that heavy of a cycle I would be pushing a lot more than 250 cals above maintenance. Especially coming out of such a lean state any excess cals will primarily be turned into muscle. Don't waste this opportunity to pack on primarily muscle. 750+ cals is what I would be looking at if not more.

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Edited the cycle, two weeks in, I'll call it a front load (bests wreckless) - your advice has always been on point and worked. This means I have enough on hand to finish my cycle, was thinking I had to get more stock in. I can add saved budget to the HGH, am going Paratropin -v- blue tops, a bit more pricey, but my source is dropping domestic, cannot beat that. I added Liver profile and Test profile blood tests I just picked up today (test profile is a month old), a bit borderline on the ALT but with all that d-bol I expected such.

I have enough HGH in the fridge to bump to 4iu immediately, have run 4-days at 1iu with no negative effects. Budget was for 4iu anyhow, just won't have a surplus in spring but can double up my orders (I only order high ticket items monthly with a 30-day lead (production manager history).

Thanks about the Halo advice, I know shite about it. I think that with ALT already at 40 and d-bol running, orals not the best plan, will let 8-week tests tell me. I feel good about this, I can always add a Wed pin if the Deca does not kick in at week 8. Given my history or results from listening to you and Rusty in too, I am confident in this. Thank you.

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Two people, same advice, cycle updated, thank you for taking time to read.
One person says you have a tail, go ahead and ignore,
Two people say you have a tail, might think about it,
Three people say you have a tail, better turn around and look.

I'm long enough in the tooth these days, I don't need to wait for that third, I'm gonna get this right! A great deca cycle really can be impressive. Thank you.

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