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I started reading about HGH 26-years ago, so this has been just a bit of a consideration. It has come a long ways since then. I have only discussed it on EROIDS for 8-years. @press1 sent me this way, and he was right about service, product and treatment by the source. They gave me the 30% off, which is rarely applied to HGH, so that was win/win. Gave me 10% off for BTC and forgave me totally fucking up my BTC transfer..... could not get all my wallets into one place. I'll be sticking with TR for the next 12-months, same product and see how it goes. The missus is pretty interested, so if this belly skin tightens up by summer time, then our budget it going to go through the sky, but she is pretty into this program with me. It is not one made lightly, better diet, more supps, insulin pins -v- cheap ass plungers, etc. Less than one week from order to on hand. All security tabs were perfectly intact. Now to get Bac water, going to buy it in bulk - even have a special fridge for it to keep it away from food and stuff.

I am very excited about this, been a very long decision and budget commitment. Thaks to TR.... now to see if I can get that 30% again.

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Enjoy it's nice HGH +1

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Just got my Bac Water in today, so finally running it... nothing like 600-quid in a fridge that you can't touch for lack of water.... but it's my first run at this stuff, want to have the entire front end in place first. Going for tighter skin in the belly, so 1iu ed this week, then 2iu for the remainder of 90-days, then 4iu daily. I am pretty excited to say the least.

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thanks for sharing buddy!