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New to break genetic ceiling, I guess...


Hey there, I am 40 yrs 5'6" 168lbs. I cant get past this level, and I've been stuck here years. The hard part is, I have to be under 170lbs for my job, unless I tape. I run about 3 miles a day, and do a push pull leg routine. I'm attempting this to help me get better at my job and overall health. If you look at the cycle, I want to add arimidex somewhere in there. Please advise...

120mg x 220mg
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Thanks everyone for the advice. I cant believe the difference changing my diet has had, eat to grow, who would've thought... I count all my macros down to the last carb. I did throw some SARMS in to get my feet wet. They are fun (RAD140, LGD, YK11). I started test c about a month ago. Military insurance (tricare) doesnt cover TRT, even though more then half the guys I work with have low T. Instead we get to eat antidepressants. So I decided to switch out my antidepressants with test c. Since then I haven't had any panic attacks and I feel great. Long story short, I decided to run test c for 10 weeks at 500mg. I have arimidex on hand if things start to go south. Also some NOVA at the end. Following the KISS method, keep it simple stupid, lol.

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Gents, here is my daily diet/exercise plan. This is almost the same everyday, except I ate more pork because of leftovers. The sequence of numbers next to the food correlates to the total numbers directly below:

2528 Cal, 61 carbs, 203.4 protein, 138 fat

6 hours of sleep. This number cannot change.

• 20 min high intensity cardio

Snack 1
• Protein shake = 100, 1, 30, 2

• Quest Protein bar = 190, 4, 21, 9

Lunch = 520, 12, 46, 22
• (2) 647 bread = 80, 12, 4, 1
• (2) piece of pork roll = 140, 0, 6, 12
• 6 oz. Chicken = 300, 0, 36, 9

Push workout
• Shoulders
• Chest
• Triceps

Snacks 2 and 3  = 829, 24, 57, 51
• Quest Protein bar = 190, 4, 21, 9
• Slim fast shake = 179, 2, 20, 9
• (2) 647 bread = 80, 12, 4, 1
• peanut butter = 380, 6, 12, 32

Dinner = 529, 10, 23.9, 34.7
• Salad, just romaine, cucumbers, cheddar, italian dressing
• 1/2 pork roll and cheese sandwich

Snack = 360, 10, 26, 17
• Keto cereal and almond milk

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Are you trying to bulk or cut? That is pretty much right around maintenance there, so I do see much of either happening?

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I want to get stronger and faster without getting heavier, if that makes sense. If that sounds dumb just say it, you cant hurt my feelings lol

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Drop some fat and it's a weird thing losing weight and getting more cut somehow makes you look bigger. When I was 270 and fat in Sept my arms were 17inches. After losing 50 lbs they are 16 but people say I look bigger. Plus after dropping the fat you will be at a lower weight which means you can add more muscle without going over your 170lb limit. Post up your diet and one of the guys will help out

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Ok I will. Now, I can be over 170, but I'd have to tape. Our "taping system" is wrong. It's a strictly waist minus neck, at specific height. So I tend to teeter on the edge of max weight or max bf. And theres also physical fitness tests and combat fitness tests mixed up in there that have to be passed at any given time, so hard core cutting is out (well, my idea of cutting makes me weak). Throw some DETs, deployments, and a rigorous mission tempo. It creates an inconsistent diet/exercise plan. Try living out of a box of veggie omelet MREs and a pullup bar lol.

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Has anyone ordered from REDACTED

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We don't discuss sources or brand names in the forums.
Sources have their dedicated sections. You can ask here:

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Ok thank you

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I honestly believe the only way to break genetics is to EAT
I can and have put on 14 pounds adding 2 extra meals aday
But couldnt keep up with it. But atleast im honest with myself.. eating is the hardest part of growing unfortunately

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Agreed. timing and type of food is imperative but a tedious task not many can manage.

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Although food is best, I add a bunch of shakes. Much easier than trying to wolf down meal after meal. I can get much more in throughout the day. The catch is hitting the toilet 3 or 4 times a day lol

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18% bf… Get your diet and training right first. You could and probably should get hormones checked by a doctor as well. You're old enough that low testosterone could be an issue.

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I'm sorry, 170/18% is the max I can be. I average 165/14%. I'll get reprimanded if I'm over my max lol

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My Ts are in the 700s, I just had them checked because I thought the same. The doctors in my "network" will not refer me for TRT. I'm keto and eat super clean. I dont understand.

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The big issue is that if you run a cycle without test, you will definitely be a candidate for TRT by the end of your cycle,

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Thats good test levels so no TRT needed. I personally dont like keto and when I cut I do a low carb approach as to no carb. Theres some forums on here about nutrition that might be helpful.

Theres minor details about nutrition such as insulin sensitivity, meal/macro timing, carb cycling, etc… The main thing is to track calories and the proper macro distribution

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...insulin sensitivity? Never heard of if

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Ok I'm starting to get more in calorie counting. I stay away from carbs because my body bloat up big time, I might have an allergy or something. I'm trying to figure that out. How about introducing SARMs to start with?

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Only diet changes are needed. Carbs do have an initial bloat but only poor digesting ones. A proper diet will have you bigger leaner stronger and bloat free 24/7.

Your hormone levels are fine and running sarms will just ruin that. You will get nothing out of drugs if your diet is not in check. I call this the Yo-Yo cycle; people take drugs make some progress then lose it all post cycle because they eat like shit. End result is messed up hormones and throwing money away.

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I posted my average diet. That immune was from yesterday. TBH, I ate a little more than usual yesterday so those numbers are high

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Its a lot of supplement like foods for me but seems alright if its working for you. How long have you been dieting for and whats your progress been? Also have you tried raising carbs and lowering the fats? I dont find that my carbs need to be that low unless I am close to single digit bf% and still cutting.

^ I am also much bigger so that could be a factor too

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I'm afraid to raise carbs, but I'm willing to try. You all seem like you know your stuff, so if that is the consensus, I'll give it a shot. Carbs make my stomach burn, I bloat and my joints hurt. Only once have I ever been able to slowly introduced them successfully, but I don't know how I did it lol. And when I fell off the wagon i could never do it again. I just rapidly gained weight, not in a good way. I always reacted well to low carbs, but I plateau. Diet isnt hard for me. I can starve myself if I needed to, I have the discipline. I just dont know how to diet properly.

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If low carb works well with you then stick to that. If you want to try adding in more carbs just make sure they are good carbs and incorporate them slowly.

Plateauing is normal and requires adjustments to training or nutrition to overcome. Look up Makwa in the forums for dieting tips and tricks. I recommend a form of caloric cycling to keep the metabolism ramped up

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Testosterone deconate would be a good choice I think for you. I think you could get away pinning once a week. I assume that's why you want to take the oral route. Testosterone would give much better results and do much less harm not to say tbol is to bad for you but it's still methylated oral. Look into testosterone once you inject the first time into the glute muscle you'll realize it's simple and easy

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Ok, I think I've just about talked myself into injections. Im finding suppliers on here which i was oblivious to. READ THE RULES has needles which makes it easier for me to order, however, they have prebuilt cycles and premixed vials and such. They even have "first time cycles" and test with another steroid premixed. Are these options or just bate for unsuspecting newbies like me?

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I think Sustanon would be the wisest choice, run at a low dose. SubQ pinning may also be ideal for you. Read about it. Also, lose the Clen. Not something you even wanna mess with. In a high pressure, front line situation, you could have a heart attack. Btw, thank you for your service.