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US Warehouses: 5-9 days after shipped; EU & UK Warehouses: 8-21 days after shipped; International Warehouses: up to 30-40 days after shipped.

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No minimum order

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Bitcoin, Zelle, Western Union, MoneyGram, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bank Wire, Tether (ERC20)

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Dear Customers,

We've changed the domain of our website from .WS to .SE. So the new website address is www.osgear.se

Please perform a 'CLEAR CACHE' operation in your browser to avoid having login issues.

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OSGear Team

Hello dear Eroids members, we are OSGear!

We are a trusted supplier of pharmacy / pharma grade and UGL gear. We've been here on the top ten for over 8 years with many excellent reviews and since December 2021 we are the #1 and top rated source on Eroids. We strive to always please our customers with the TOP QUALITY products and to provide PREMIUM customer service.

Here is the list of selected BRANDS:

Ultima Pharmaceuticals (US & INT)
Ultima Peptides
Nakon Medical (US & INT)
Beligas (US & INT)
Pharmacom Labs (US & INT)
Odin Anabolics
Pivotal Labs
Natural SARMS
Spectre Labs
Hilma Biocare
Deus Medical
Genetic Pharma
Ice Pharmaceuticals
Magnum Laboratories
Zerox Pharma

Our US/EU domestic brands have zero risk in USA/Europe.

We are happy to help you! Feel free to add us as Friend Request and contact us via PM. We'll answer to your message shortly!

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I’m looking to make an order. Is there any promo for a new eroids member. Looking to switch sources.

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Hello Sir,

We currently run a BOGO promo and it's valid until Sunday, so be fast! Please check the website for more details.

Let me know if you need further assistance.


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Anyone ran the deca500 from nakon if so how was the pip thanks?

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8 days and gained 4 pounds. DHB works pretty good so far. But that might be just glycogen storage. We shall see

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Yessir...loading up. Just wait....its a fun ride

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looking for advice. I have been on prescription Omnitrope 5.8 hgh for a little over a year. I take 2IU daily, as that is my sweet spot for the longevity benefits i'm looking for. As you can imagine it's quite costly from my boutique doctor. Looking to save some pain in the pocket and try OSgear out. Two concerns i have. The first being it will have to ship from an international warehouse and i'm in Puerto Rico. The second being i don't see the Omnitrope in 5.8mg. Seems that is what most docs supply. Why is there a 5mg,10mg, and 15mg but not 5.8? If there is a difference I would like to know.

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Hello everyone! I need some advice; I'm turning to you who are more experienced. in my life I have sexually used a bit of everything, pigs, garbles... democrats. Both as pitcher and catcher, and oral. I would like to start trying horse dick anally but without lube, i have no health problems and I am not diabetic. Do you have any recommendations on size and intake? I've never taken it.

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That is not something we talk about around here. Way to easy to screw it up and put your lights out.

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In your profile it says you soon want to compete in men's physique....I would personally stay as far away as possible from horse dick. You claim to have used a bit of everything, injectables and orals....yet the other day asked if it's ok to inject a 3ml bolus at once in the glutes ....horse dick can literally kill you in one shot if not administered correctly. If you were a top national level bodybuilder aspiring to get in the pro ranks and it is your career and make a living of your physique, I can somewhat understand, but keep in mind it is not a substance to play with. You are you're own man and are going to do what you wish, and with that I wish you well and take care bro

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Brought a handful of Ultima TNE from OS and it arrived in good time. On TRT only but couldn’t resist cracking open a vial and banging some into my recent workouts and I’m impressed.

Bonus is that it doesn’t carry the Guaiacol taste.

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Nice to know, love TNE myself and Ultima seems to be steady pumping out quality products. Using some NPP150 with a bit of MastP from Ultima and no complaints so far. Their Primo200 looks good and has me very intrigued. Any feedback on Ultima Primo200? Thinking of grabbing few vials and see what it's about

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Hello everyone! I have a question, is it possible to make a single injection of 3ML intramuscularly in the buttock?

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I shoot 3ml almost every injection I take. If you have enough muscle and you go in the correct area you'll be fine. Personally I use 1.5 inch and rotate sites delts, glutes, quads, lats

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Sure you can, but I wouldn't

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Only the Kardashians can do it safely.

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I wouldnt. As @simonmagus84 stated, i agree. You get a sterile abscess and you wont be happy at all. It will be cut open and actively have an open drain. It hurts, stinks and yuuuck. Rotation too is key to avoid buildup and scar tissue. Click my avatar...ive got posted forums.

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Be careful with that amount of volume. @Rustyhooker

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Yes you can.

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Started cycle. Review coming in 8 to ten weeks. Finally back on track after being hospitalized and laid up in a bed for three months doped up on pain killers.

Rustyhooker's picture

Blastoff!! Glad youre recovered

Bill1976's picture

Thanks. I didn’t lose as much strength as I thought I would. But lost some size

Rustyhooker's picture

At least youre upright and moving too. That coulda gone sideways. Youll do well!!

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Great to hear that you're recovered! Keep up the great work!

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When is Pfizer cabergoline going to be back in stock?Oh and my pack showed up yesterday. I’ll post pics.

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We are glad that you've received the package with your products!

Unfortunately we don't have a certain date of the restock for Pfizer Cabergoline... we've asked the warehouse to inform us one it's back in stock when you've made the inquiry via PM. When it's back in stock, we'll inform you.


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hi mate, any luck shipping to aus?

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Please accept our Friend Request and we'll inform you via PM.


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hey mate just waiting on that PM, thank you Smile

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Done mate

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