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TheNatural 9

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Minimum Order: 

Payment Methods: 
Bitcoins, credit/debit card (cashapp/paybis)

Please note
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Natty still around? Anyone order recently?

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am here man, what u need?

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Just making sure you’re still around, got a order coming to you soon

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Is these the same as ironborn?

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he is my reseller man

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i sent them an email yesterday just trying to start some dialogue before i placed an order and havent heard back yet.

edit: just got an email saying they are all in stock and ready to ship.

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Are these guys legit I put an order in last night and haven't heard nothing

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It’s been two weeks and I haven’t received my US Domestic Order. I didn’t even get a tracking code. I tried contacting them several times, but received no reply. Has anyone else had this issue??? I’ve never had this issue with other sources.

Edit: I received email and tracking from the source and got my gear!

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pm order number i have answered all emails

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Ok I will pm you now. I have screenshots as well, you did not respond to any emails so far. I will update my review once you respond.

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I just received the package, but it's incomplete. FR sent. UPDATE-I just heard back, fast response is on its way.


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I want to place an order what do I do

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Had payment issues pm sent

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What’s the time frame to leave a review for order not received ?

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All orders has been delivered except one because customer provide wrong address i have tracking to proved, please PM your order i will look into this

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Hey Natty. Just placed in order. I don't know how to dm on here. I want to make sure you got it.

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Order # sent explaining and address Is correct if shipping/ or even just shipped is 3-7 days

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Another order in for a few test and giving that cialis a try!

Sosa123's picture

That cialis is g2g’s that test?

Ironforged's picture

I’m enjoying it, painless, good quality. Really reminds me of how good big ds test was back in the day, just with a different carrier oil

SL's picture

Damn some good ol big d’s test! Take me back lol

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Sent u a fr the natural, curious when the geno will be back in stock

Steveking1980's picture

How’s everyone doing? What gear is everyone running with this lab? Feedback?

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I tested the 10mg anavar, and it is actually dianabol (methandrostenolone). Nice. I hope no one with liver problems buys this thinking it is safer for them.

ECinfidel's picture

Dbol for var. The perfect crime. facepalm
Post your results. Cool 1st post btw.

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How’s the in-house aromasin here?

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Just made a 1st time order. Paid the proper way and took screenshots of transaction, but not sure what to do next to make sure I receive the products. It's a Sunday right now, so I'm not expecting a reply soon.

*** EDIT ***

Received a very quick response with the details, not even a couple hours later, and assured of order being processed. Very pleased with the customer service so far. Will review after products are received and tested.

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Just placed first order. It’s the weekend so I don’t expect too much communication, but looking forward to trying the gear and hopefully he’s as reliable as the reviews say, been needing a solid new go to.

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Where’s the HPLC testing from this source located? Or do we just go off feelz now?

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