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Bitcoins, credit/debit card (cashapp/paybis)

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Recieved my 1st order from NotNatty bottles look good. Got 3 bottles of Test Cyp 300. I will review after I empty atleast 1. Fast shipping, well packaged.. Thanks brother

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Thanks for sharing man, please report back with results

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Please enjoy bro!

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Caber in stock

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not forget to review/vote your last order bros

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What up guys, we are back please check our web site, promo coming up to eroids soon!

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Hello guys we have, ephedrine injectable in stock Smile

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Not much action.. how's the products/source

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Forgot to say got my pack a few days ago and took my first front load pin of 2ccs. Thanks natty

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Small order sent for some of the best pipless test I’ve used since the big d days!

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Shipping soon, please share results with the guys on the review section bro Smile

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New website is up and running Smile

Please check it out

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Natty still around? Anyone order recently?

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am here man, what u need?

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Just making sure you’re still around, got a order coming to you soon

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Is these the same as ironborn?

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he is my reseller man

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i sent them an email yesterday just trying to start some dialogue before i placed an order and havent heard back yet.

edit: just got an email saying they are all in stock and ready to ship.

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Are these guys legit I put an order in last night and haven't heard nothing

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It’s been two weeks and I haven’t received my US Domestic Order. I didn’t even get a tracking code. I tried contacting them several times, but received no reply. Has anyone else had this issue??? I’ve never had this issue with other sources.

Edit: I received email and tracking from the source and got my gear!

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pm order number i have answered all emails

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Ok I will pm you now. I have screenshots as well, you did not respond to any emails so far. I will update my review once you respond.

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I just received the package, but it's incomplete. FR sent. UPDATE-I just heard back, fast response is on its way.


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I want to place an order what do I do

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Had payment issues pm sent

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What’s the time frame to leave a review for order not received ?

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