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subterraneangear.com Reviews

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  • HllwdBdBoy
  • 3 years ago



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  • xcarmex
  • 3 years ago

Ordered a substantial amount of gear from this source over 4 weeks ago. It will be 5 weeks in a couple of days (next Tuesday). Never received gear, and I was promised a refund in which never came through.

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  • butternuts
  • 3 years ago

I know my noob status on this site doesn't provide any weight to my review but here it is:

I placed an order on Friday afternoon 3/9, and got a response within an hour. SG was very polite and provided explicit ordering instructions, very simple. Ordering instructions completed the same day, I contacted SG to confirm, he said he will reply when with sending confirmation on monday 3/12.

No Email 3/12, I contacted SG the next day 3/13, got back to me right away and stated order went out that day. Waited late Saturday 3/17, got nothing, so I contact SG who said there were some shipping delays, but he caught up will all orders and for anyone who has not received their order by Monday to contact him and he will check tracking.

Monday night, no order, I contact SG, he got back quickly saying he checked tracking and it will be delivered tomorrow.

Tuesday 3/20, nothing was delivered. Contacted SG again, he once again responded quickly apologizing and promising a 'bonus' for the delay.

Today: 3/21, contacted by SG, he apologized for screw up and delay and gave me an ETA of 3 days. He is very good with customer service, now I just need to receive my order!

3/24: Nothing... with all the others having the same issue, I have come to the conclusion that I will not receive my order...all the good customer support strung me along for too long now. Luckily I received a back-up order from a good, honest vendor today. So all is not lost.

  • anon

Noob status not withstanding.. this isn't a review it doesn't belong here.

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  • 270strength
  • 3 years ago

placed a test order with these guys and everything went very good, took about 4days to get pac,communication was great, the whole procces was really easy,sent in order got instructions from him and sent donation and bam 4days later pac landed,this guy backs his products and said they are up to par,so ill update after gear is put to test,o yea i got 2bottles of sus,ill post pics....

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  • Sargent_Swole
  • 3 years ago

So I recieved my 2 primo and 30 caps of 50mg winny 2/29 which was a great T/A 3 days and was packaged very nicely..... so right away i popped 100mg of winny water intake is high as hell judging i am 1 week out til my comp.....But today was the day of cramps came into play even with me taking potassium in the morning calfs and tight and tri and hammys are pulling some cramps as well and fucking severe drying of the joints(knees) is what kills me stairs are raping me now little veins and thighs are starting to show which is making me excited as well as nausea is starting to set in with the high dose i am giving myself which sucks but still starving from lack of carbs! ALL in all even though i am saving the primo the winny is doing its job so it seems lol all the sides are showing at 50mg meal 1 and 50mg meal 6.....great turn from when payment was sent real quick response will try again for sure THANKS SG!!!

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  • Exponential
  • 3 years ago

Just received gear, Sustanon 250mg/ml. Payment was simple and straightforward, product was packaged well and all intact (received within 3 days). This was a trail order, so I will post my personal opinion on the gear as soon as I get this shit rollin! I am pinning this Monday. I have posted pics in the pics forum...