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My overall experience
Average: 4 (1 vote)

Overall good, but could be better
2/3 products are perfect.
The Iranian testo price is AMAZING - This is the reason I ordered. This is the reason I'd go back.
Some issues with comms initially
This was an order, with a 100 promo discount.
Pros/cons with price.
Split deliveries, and associated costs are an issue.
If testo price remains same, Id go back.
If si comms improve, I'd go back more.

Products, effectiveness and results
Average: 4 (1 vote)

Testo Aburaihan 10 vial 250 Mg × 6
Amazing. Using for TRT. Zero pip, perfectly stable pharmaceutical product. Has me at stable levels, dropped smal bit of low-testo induced body fat. Improved cognitive function. My wife can live with me!

Deus Melanotan II
1 bottle was plenty ahead of holidays, but I then brought it with me, now my daughter calls me burned toast. This mt2 is perfect.

Hemi Sildenafil 50Mg × 2
Not great.
When I eat 2 of these Hemi's they don't give me the same bang as a half (50mg) of a viagra or generic pharma sildenafil. It's that simple a comparison. It works, yes, but, it's either underdosed or my dick is broken.

Customer service
Average: 3 (1 vote)

This was a promo by way of 100 discount. Entered, accepted, then never heard back.
I wanted the pharmacy test, so ping'd them and they then came back, so it worked out, but shouldn't have to chase a brand new source.
I see members uncertainty on si page... no good comms there either, so it does not instill confidence.

Shipping and Delivery
Average: 3 (1 vote)

The delivery that should have been fastest, was slowest!
Delivery came from 3 different geo's. This is an issue because the delivery was over 3 times the price of 1x courier cost, let's say.
OK, so, that means the promo covers just the delivery, but the testo is so cheap, it's still a good deal for me, let's go!
However, because of the geo's, foreign parcels now hitting customs in my country and now there are import costs to deal with. - Not those guys fault, BUT it impacts the promo, SO, as far as I'm concerned it wasn't really a promo, just a test order.

Price to performance
Additional comments

I'm grateful for having bought pharma test at a great price, but the lads need to sort their interactions out.
Maybe this first eroids review + better si comms will give others more confidence.

On above basis, I will go back again. But I won't pay full delivery if its from 1 geo.

I recommend shopping here!
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