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My overall experience
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Great source, communication is fast and quality is very good, i pulled bloods to confirm my testosterone came back over 3k and my IGF levels over 400, prices are little higher but when u compare it with quality of products and customer service is cheap. i was lucky to get 30% discount so that helped a lot as well

Products, effectiveness and results
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extremely happy with the quality i have been running for the last 4 weeks 600 mg test ena 300 along with 12.5 mg of aro from another source to control estro also doing 4iu of his hgh right before bed. 600mg of test is my sweet spot i feel full of energy pumps in the gym are great and lean out nice. HGH right before bed help me sleep 7-8 hours straight also my dream are vivid and kind of weirds sometimes. Thi cycle am expecting to do it for 3 months and then trt cruise at 150mg TE for another 6 months and comes back again with the blast.

Customer service
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Ordering process is very easy btc gateway is fast, he send you email with order updates, questions are answer in less than 4 hours in a polite way

Shipping and Delivery
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I got my goodies from this guy same time it takes Amazon to deliver my products, packaging is tight and very well wrapped in pad bags, nothing came broken or leaking

Price to performance
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love everything about this guy, from customer service to variety of products to delivery time
Thanks RP

I recommend shopping here!
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