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  • ucool2
  • 6 months ago

A looong overdue review for one of the very first sources I ever ordered online. He has supplied me with quality and pharma gear throughout me living in many different countries and I could always rely on his service. Incredible!

I've been off for a couple of months now so I was really happy to see him still active after my absence. Of course I immediately ordered from him again!

Communication & Ordering process

Spot on! Always helpful and responsive. If you ever have any issues he's the one you want to talk to. Great service!

Delivery (T/A) & Packaging

Rapid! Anywhere in the EU it's 7-10 days max. In the UK I got my orders in 2 days which is ridiculously fast! Packaging is always very diligent and careful. No rattles, no signs of any suspicious contents.

Items ordered

I'm going for the pharma stuff this time.

Pfizer HGH
Pharma T3

Product effectivenes and experience

Everything is 100% legit.

T3 makes me lean and hungry. And god knows I can tell the difference to T4 or bunk thyroid hormones!

HGH of course takes a longer time to notice any physical effects. But what I can already attest to, is that it fixes up my fucked up sleep schedule from being on tren too long.
I'm used to waking up multiple times during the night and the HGH has reduced that noticeably. On top of that my dreams have become much more vivid and my sleep deeper and more refreshing.

I'm running 5IU ed and will probably stay on that dose for this year.

I recommend shopping here!