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Matrix Labs Reviews

  • ErieToPitt's picture
  • LVL1
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  • ErieToPitt
  • 4 years ago

I used their Test E and bloods confirmed is was good. Right now I'm on their Tren A, and it's been a week and now starting to kick in. I'm on 100 EOD, and things feel good, no PIP, and no real sides except some acne, but I'm not sides prone.

  • Jdog112's picture
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  • Jdog112
  • 4 years ago

Been ordering Matrix Labs for many years now. My orders are always around 4 day delivery. I recently ordered test 400, tren acetate, liquid winstol, and arimadex. All of it was great. I got great gains from the test 400 and no pip since went with EO formula. I've also ordered rip blend and got great delivery time and great cut results while I maintained my strength. The Cypionate 250 I've ordered mostly in the past as my go to and it's always been great. Great quality especially the pharmaceutical grade which I had cyp and enanthate for those. My man is always quick and quality is always good! I won't go anywhere else. Pura Vida!

  • adabolic_troy.'s picture
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  • adabolic_troy.
  • 6 years ago

Just recently started test e 300 anddddd....horrible. Worst PIP from it and makes me sick as a dog. Prob just a bad batch because I've heard really good things about this lab. Discontinued it after 3rd injection because it was too much.

  • GLovett17's picture
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  • GLovett17
  • 6 years ago

Have tried Matrix Test E, Test P, Tren Ace and LOVE IT ALL! The stuff is Fire. My strength and weight gains are both through the roof and I feel like a million bucks

  • NuclearMess's picture
  • LVL3
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  • NuclearMess
  • 6 years ago

Have used the Sust and Test E! Both are of very high quality.. I experienced an increase in aggression, motivation and strength in the gym... Not much more to ask for IMO..

  • pskBadBoy's picture
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  • pskBadBoy
  • 6 years ago

I ran an 8 week cutting cycle while running their Testabol prop and winny tabs that I received from a friend. It wasnt a very extreme cut because it wasnt for a contest just wanted to tighten up before my beach vacation. Anyhow I ran 350/wk of the test p and 50 mcg/day winny. I went from 207 and 12%bf to 215 and 9%bf. I wasnt planning on putting on much mass so I was pleasantly surprised. Pumps were great, My gfs guy friends actually got scared to hangout with her because they told her i was too intimidating lol anyhow Ive seen some bad reviews out there but from my personal experience I say its g2g.