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Quality Canadian source - actually thought this lab would've been posted to eroids already, but apparently not. I figured they deserved to be up for review by anyone who may have tried them out.

I initially got their Anavar from my buddy after another source of mine dried up and was happy enough with the product that I found the site and started ordering for myself. They're easy to deal with, never a long wait and always a solid product - I've order Alpha North Test E, Tren, TNT, Anavar, Tbol and few other items as well. Very happy with the consistency of the dosage. Enough to bring me back to eroids and make a post after a bit of time away! Anyone else tried this lab?

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Quality store, heard many great reviews, customer service was on point and very fast processing and shipping

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These guys are my number on go to source. Their prices are very reasonable, discreet fast shipping(usually 2-3 days), always reply in a timely manner. I have been using these guys consistently for a year now and have never had a complaint. They treat their return customers very well and I am very appreciative for everything they've done for me.

I have personally used their test e, test 400, tbol, t3, masteron e, masteron p and EQ. Never had any PIP from any of them. I've put on a solid 15lbs muscle in the last 2 months from the stack I'm on now(Test 400, tbol and masteron e). I don't get any acne from their product and minimal oily skin. Really I have nothing but good things to say, always a pleasure dealing with these guys.

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still no symptoms with high doses of t3 for 3 weeks, but I heard it can take about six weeks, and alphanorth labs i willing to look into it for me, and send me another bottle which I appreciate, I guess we'll see,

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I've had no symptom whatsoever despite 150 mcg, six a day for two months, I appreciate that they sent me another bottle but

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tried to find their website to look for something else that might work, since they seem to be legit, but the t3 is just doing nothing for me for some reason, but the website was taken down, does anyone know the new address, I need it right away!

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How did everything work out?

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Hey J Doe! How did everything go with you cycle?!

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I have only used Alpha North Labs Testosterone. T400.

Well, I got my labs back after being off for a month and my hemoglobin is still off the charts, suggesting the stuff is real, and effective.

I buy from a BC based fellow here in Canada, and I trust him, His service has been great, and I know the product works, in fact just ordering more,- Clen and T3 and Cialis Smile

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I just came off some surgery two months ago. Naturally, I had lost quite a lot of muscle mass and strength. Have just finished a six week cycle of alpha north anavar and winstrol with great results: gained nine pounds of muscle and have regained my strength from three years ago. Really impressed with these products.

Purchased these products from a BC based business. These guys were very helpful and accommodating. Will definitely continue doing business with them.

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A chap in BC helps me with advice and supplies great products.

have increased size and strength over the year and happy with the way its going.

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guy in b.c. hooked me up with alpha north labs ran a few cycles made good gains legit sfuff.

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Been using Alpha North Labs for over a year now, I've ordered their Test enanthate, viagra, Winstrol, Tren enanthate, equipoise, and just recently their T3 that I just started today and Cialis which I haven't tried yet.

I must say their gear is legit, recently got blood work done and my test levels were sitting at 52nmol/L ('normal' range is 8.4 - 28.7) injecting 625mg test enanthate every 3 days. The tren is strong only ended up running it for 12 weeks, at the start had the tren cough then my body constantly was hot and would sweat so much, I've ran other labs and this one by far kicked my ass. For the viagra I can say this is the first ugl to finally work for me, I take 3 pills and I'm feeling it but still not as strong as the real stuff but it helps when you're taking tren and it helps to get you up. Another side effect I always get from viagra is the blue visions and I did get it from taking this, other labs never had that effect either.

Last thing about this lab that I really appreciate is that I hardly broke out in acne and my face hasn't been oily at all. I've tried 4 different labs in total and always had a problem maintaining my acne and the constant break outs. I recommend this lab to other people as it hasn't let me down and I'm quite impressed!!

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I've been a rep for various canadian UG labs over the past 8 years of my life. Most notable labs being Kayne, liquatech, Cyperpharm, alpha and finnea.. Obviously others have been better for one item over the next. But since switching to alpha-north pharma. I have no complaints from my clients and use the product myself without doubts or fear of sides

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I've been using alpha north the last year
They have great service, great communication

I've used most of their cutting products. And this year I really focused on my diet and the products are really working.

I finally lost the gut and starting to see my six pack. Very happy with them. Diet is the KEY KEY KEY

got a lot of good advice from alpha north and guys on eroids forums. I am confident by Xmas I will be shredded for the first time.

Thanks guys and great job

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This has been my first cycle and it was a mild t400 cycle, so far so good! All the vials were consistent in volume and colour, I've gained over 10lbs muscle so far and still have more to go.
Definitely would recommend and will keep using alpha north.

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Alpha north labs have been great. Solid gains without that many sides. I've been able to keep my acne at bay which is always nice.

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First order with Alpha North Labs. As you can imagine with any new source, I was a little hesitant, but I could not have been more satisfied. I ordered tadalafil 25mg. Best value for tadalafil I have encountered domestically in Canada thus far. No bunk. Effective potent product that you can feel within the hour. A half a tab gets me through the entire weekend. Just as impressive was the quick professional service and discreet delivery. I will be back!

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I am a newbie to the whole juice culture. but ive worked out all my life and know how to eat. I learned the juice changes your diet and work out a lot. these guys were really helpful, informative and patient with me. really appreciate them working me through how it all works and helped me dial in my diet and cycle. great job guys and i will be shopping here again

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I have a buddy who's been with Alpha North Labs for a year or two with huge gains. I've been dealing with them for 5 weeks now. I've got 4 test-c, 3 T-bol, Winny, Novadex and Arimidex. I've used both the Test and the Tbol. Really happy with both. Really starting to feel the Test and the Tbol has helped with my power. I'm filling out well for such a short time on. No sides as of yet either. Everything showed up 3 days after I ordered it with no problems at all. This is my go to Lab now. Cheers guys. Keep up the good work.

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I will be goin on my third cycle of strictly Alpha North Labs products. The gear is clean and accurately dosed. I have a couple buddies that have used this and they cant say enough good things about these guys....and their gains speak volumes. I'm excited to for these coming months ahead!

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I have a friend who is using Alpha North Labs and on recommendation from him I myself started using it and I have seen huge gains in my overall mass and strength in the 4 plus weeks i have been using it. The product is clear gear and dosed correctly. I will be strictly using Alpha North Labs only from here on in. Also the customer support is second to none like I have ever seen before. Alpha North Labs gets a solid two thumbs up !!

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Have a local source where I live that has quality products but certain things can be a little costly. I heard about alpha north through a buddy so I decided to give it a shot. So far I have ordered anavar and cialis and will be ordering more products in the future. The anavar has been amazing so far and is conveniently dosed in 10mg. Very happy with the products

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Everything went perfect, ordering was on point and shipping was fast, definitely happy with the service and will keep posted on the results, from my experience so far definitely order again, thanks #teamalpha

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great products! Solid dosage for good results with little to no sides. And I’m usually very sensitive and have to run nolva throughout. I will definitely be ordering some of their other products. Thanks Guys, I appreciate the quality and honesty.

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Perfect products fast delivery !!
i recommend those people are great !

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The products I have ordered are great. I had no side effect and the products did what their stated purpose. The packaging was very professional and shipping was extremely fast. I am a repeat customer and I would highly recommend these products to anyone.

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Great product. Been taking it for 2 weeks and seeing great results. Taking 10mg of test 400 once a week and 50mg of anavar a day. Have gained 10 pounds in 2 weeks of lean muscle. Test 400 is painless pin.

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Just made an order from this lab 2 weeks ago for some tren, anadrol, dbol, and test. Been using them for 2 weeks and noticed good strength gains from tren with no sides as of yet. I used medistar before but this product is much superior to medistar, i switched out the tren for this lab and noticed a big difference almost right away with the tren A. Will continue ordering from this lab from now on. Great product and service!