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+ 2 Ugfreak testE500/wk Steroidify Ai and Provi


Running Valkyrie TestE fron UGFREAK, 500mg/wk pinning once per week, Saturday, blood pulled Friday, so 6 days after last pin. 1976 Total T.
Steroidify Ultima adex 1mg per week split 1/2 pill Sunday evening, 1/2 Wednesday morning. So even though it's "high" at 52 for the dose of adex it's good, and I feel better with my e2 higher than normal when taking 500 or more mg test per week.
Steroidify Ultima Provi 12.5 mg/ day free test 500plus, sex drive through the roof and feel really good even though I have the low T4 issue going on.
According to what I have read the high cholesterol is probably a result of the low T4, I have stopped pinning for the moment so that my testosterone levels drop enough for me to go to my PCP and get the cholesterol and low T4 checked out. Neither was out of range in August when I had blood work done. I get trt from my PCP hence the delay in making an appointment to get those issues addressed.
Ugfreak s Valkyrie TestE is good as is Steroidifys Ultima Provi and adex. Proper reviews coming this evening.
Anyone with experience having low T4 or has been prescribed Levothyroxine please chime in as I have no idea what to expect when I visit my doctor in a week or two.
Thanks for looking have a blessed day and