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Fastest intl delivery I have ever received.


7 days from time it shipped to my door. I ordered on a weekend and the following Mon. and Tue. were holidays in the country of origin. So it shipped last Wednesday, and landed 6 days and 11 hours after it was stamped for postage. Both kits checked out on the verification site, and I accidentally hit the verify tab twice and the site stated that code had already been scanned, so their is no way to cheat the system. Sergeant has been awesome to deal with. He made every step of the process easy and took extra steps to make sure I was comfortable with all aspects of the transaction. I am doing a gh serum test tomorrow, and igf in 12 days. I am doing igf in 12 days because I have baseline igf, and igf after 12 days from another gh, and I want to remain consistent with testing data. I am impressed with everything about HGH-MED.COM and would recommend them to anyone looking to order HGH at this time.

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Blood work pulled for serum test Thursday, results should be back monday or tuesday. Pinned 10iu's 3 hours 25 minutes before blood was pulled. Will post results the moment they arrive.

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Nice bro..I think I'm gonna give these a shot.. the price is too good to resist

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Nice! Dying to see some blood work on these.

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Ditto. Can't wait til he gets results back. Amped about thwse