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+ 3 GorillaKing black tops TD


Ordered Sunday, arrived today, secure packaging (almost to secure I destroyed my thank you card getting to the goods :), nice dense puck with no loose powder, I had to create a new email on a platform i was not familiar with and I made some errors that led to GK having to respond several times and he was patient and helpful and quick with his replies. I will begin pinning tomorrow morning 5 on 2 off 2ius/day and will pull blood work in 4 weeks. I have 2 baselines for comparison 1 from December (114) and 1 from last month (98)

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Pin that ED.

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Nice let me know if it's g2g. I need a new source for good gh that will arrive quick at times. Other times I'll wait patiently but you know how it goes.

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I always pull good numbers with GK’s hgh

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Good stuff brother

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