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+ 5 Titans Test E and Test C


this batch is definitely more clear than the last batch i got but pip feels the same. love this gear

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What sized pin? How many cc's?

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25g and 27g. 1.5ccs

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Ok....i hit more spots and keep it 1.25cc. Quads can go 1.5. But im also 5ft 4. Lol. More pin spots with 1.25 imo to avoid sterile abscess. Virgin muscles get sore easier. Hot pad is best friend...DO NOT MASSAGE

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i'm 5'5 myself. i've done 2ccs in quads no issues, just pip. if i use pharmaceutical grade like watson, cipla, pfizer. none at all. i really think cottonseed is superior for pip. but again, titans has provided the least pip out of any brand ive tried with MCT so he's doing something right.

thank you for the advice, definitely noted

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Enjoy and look firward to hearing your goals

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Pip from test e and c?

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my body doesn't really like MCT. no pip whatsoever from cottonseed and peach oils. but titans is the best MCT oil brand you're gonna get ive tried a bunch here

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I have a lot of their gear for back up

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