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+ 1 IGF-1 Bloodwork Genotropin Pen


Background Info:

Been on alternating between Seros & Angtropin 4IU-5IU a day for about 2.5-3 months. Saw immediate results in fat burning and recovery department. Recently stopped the Seros and switched over to Genotropin pens from turkey. Been running 5IU-6IU a day for 5 days. Split into two doses. When I switched over I noticed less hunger, slower metabolism, less vascularity. Took 3.6IU at 11:15AM waited 3 hrs and got tested. This is what I pulled at around 2PM EST.

Base line is 217ish.

Pens are definitely real but a big factor in potency is keeping these refrigerated even when they’re not reconstituted. Definitely lacking some potency imo.

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Why blank out the lipids...

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because the post is regarding IGF-1. i only included that section so that the date of draw was presented.

why do you feel so inclined to see my lipids?

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3.6 iu? I would say thats expected ? An correct me if I'm rong but you just got these genos a week ago correct?

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that's correct. been on for 5 days, i was running HGH before hand for almost 3 months. undisturbed pharma GH should put you in 350-400 range at that dosage IMO.